December 2020, Solstice Teleconference.



I’m offering this teleconference free of charge to allow as many as possible to participate. Please share the information with others if you feel it will be of benefit. If you are able to make a donation, that is very much appreciated.

This Decembers Solstice was flagged in my awareness back in January, as being a point of special significance. Then I started seeing information about the specific Astrology of the day. It is being billed as the date when we officially move into the Age of Aquarius.

I’m not an astrologer, so I don’t focus on that aspect of things, but I do know that this is a point of major opportunity, major transformation. I believe it is a time when the energies shift enough to create a major wave of awakening on the planet. This won’t be abc overnight thing. Individuals will respond in their own way and  time, over the coming  months. We are all at different point on the evolutionary ladder, some more deeply immersed in conditioning than others.

I’m not anticipating an overnight collapse of the ruling systems on the planet. All of this takes time and we are in that sticky, messy in-between stage. Non of that alters the fact that this point, this December Solstice is a very significant point of power, and one that it will be really useful to engage with as wholeheartedly as possible.

I have for years now, offered a teleconference at the exact time of the Solstice and Equinox points. Luckily for me, this one is conveniently timed for the UK. Being present on the call live will be of benefit, as there is an energetic shift, a click if you like at the exact moment. For this Solstice that moment is 10.02am UK. We will begin at 9.20am UK, and as the actual point of the Solstice approaches, we will drop into silence together.

If you cant make it live, don’t worry. The Solstice window is a wide one, expanding over three to five days. The energies are available, and the recording will be a very useful listen over the whole of the coming weeks till the beginning of January.

On this call, we will focus on the energetics, the sun, the astrology. We will align with the highest possibilities, focus on the energies, integrate them personally and create a field of receiving and amplification for the planet. We will take these energies deep into our system for the maximum transformation at a cellular and every other level.

Solstice points are always powerful. This one will be more so. Of  course many will not notice a thing, as they are not focused into the subtle realms. This is not a magic wand moment, where all our troubles are washed away. Not at all a time to give away power to astrology and expect a heavenly alignment to fix things for you. What needs changing in your life requires your attention and action. This is always about the choices we make as individuals.

Here though, the backdrop of energy we are working with shifts dramatically, and this will have an impact which gathers and increases over time.

It is exciting. Many are offering Solstice events. It is a powerful time for releasing history and setting intentions. We will look at that too on this call.