Cancer: A Mystical Initiation


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Cancer: A Mystical Initiation

Way back in 2001-2, I experienced a very powerful, grace filled initiation in the form of liver cancer. It was, medically speaking, terminal. Nothing the doctors did was working. I was told I had months to live.
From start to end, this was a mystical journey, with much input from other dimensions, a truly beautiful experience. One that is fundamentally informs my experience now.
Over the years, I have shared bits of the story, but have always resisted the urging from others to write about it.
Now, I realise, there is a purpose to it, and I need to get the information out of my field, into the collective.
Im going to do this on a teleconference.
I’m inviting you to join me for a while on Saturday as I talk my way through the experience, interlacing along the way the teachings that were revealed and some potent meditations.
This may be of interest to people experiencing life threatening or life changing conditions.  This will not be a “how to” teleconference.  Certainly not, “if you do this this and this, all will be well”. There may be useful insights that offer some support though.
Because it was an archetypal sort of journey, it might be of interest to anyone interested in surrender, addiction, avoidance of responsibility, trust, fear, listening, guidance and deep self acceptance. Those were some of the things I was looking at.
Im hoping there will be some time for Q+A’s on this call.
If this does intrigue you, please register for the call here. As always, there is some benefit to being on the live call, as we will be working with energies and belief systems, but the link will also give you access to the replay which is yours to keep. Most of the energy of the call is held in the replay.
If you know of anyone you feel may be helped by this please pass it along.

This call is offered by donation. If you are unable to donate anything, please accept it as a gift.