The Miracle of the Body. Unfolding and Integrating.


A new relationship with the body and all of physical form is being woven.



With all of the massive shift, upgrades, re-wiring, re-formatting and integration we are undergoing, there is a lot of on-going stress on the body.
Something that has become very clear lately is that we are shifting collectively in our relationship with physical form. We move out of the old paradigm energies that included much confusion, denial, shame and guilt around physical attributes and the purpose of whole systems and regions of the body. We were trained into resistance of what is natural and wholesome, and to dominate the body by force.
It can be useful to remember that one of the functions of the body is to be a perfect mirror for us, reflecting our relationship with all of the physical world. As we move into a new paradigm, there is still a little mopping up to do, a bit of clearing to allow some of the old constructs to deeply dismantle and fall away.
So much wisdom is wanting to emerge now, from deep in our DNA. It is time to write a new story of our relationship with physical form. One where we do not believe ourselves to be in dominance of it, but in partnership with it. Where we invite it to demonstrate to us what it knows and what it is capable of.
This requires trust and love as a fundamental aspect of the relationship.
So on this teleconference we engage in this. The deepening into deep love with the animal of the body. The clearing of remnant programming form the old paradigm to allow the wisdom and capabilities of the body to shine.
The Crystalline Kingdom want to be a part of this unfolding. Our relationship with them is shifting all of the time too, so at least one representative of that collective will be included in our work. This will help to deepen the activation of our crystalline nature.

I will write more as there is lots to be included, but if you feel pulled to be a part of this deep appreciation and activation, then it would be lovely to have you on board.

“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman