Pivot Point; The Energies of the Pluto, Saturn Conjunct, January 2020


The meeting of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn has heralded  a major turning point for the planet. Here we explore the energies.

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This recording might be worth re-visiting, in light of what has unfolded since.

Many are predicting huge change centred around the meeting of Pluto and Saturn, which becomes exact on 12th January. Some are seeing that this planetary coming together will be disastrous, while others predict miraculous transformation.

Which the big energetic preparations over the past few months, many of which felt as if they had an anchoring point to this January date, I am very hopeful for what will unfold. I think its important to play the long game. The changes may be precipitated at this point, but won’t unfold for months or years.

As always, it is important for us to embody the change we wish to see in our lives snd our worlds. It never has been appropriate to wait for the stars and planets to “do it for us.”  We have to take action, and be a point of transformation. I believe there is much support that comes from planetary and astrological influences, that will enhance the efforts we make.

On this teleconference we will work with these energies of deep transformation, to take them into our cell bodies and lives and anchor them for the most significant change possible. We will use the capacity of the co-created field to amplify and focus the energies for the planet and wider collective.

I believe this is  a pivotal moment in our history. I will write more as we get closer to the date, with many more details to follow.