Becoming A Sacred Site.




Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed at the magnitude of the evolutionary process we are engaged in. Sometimes I’m in complete awe at the perfection of what is unfolding. Now is one of those times.

Participating in energy work with a client the other day, I got to witness a stunning piece of our collective evolution. As I watched it unfold in the body of one woman, I knew I was witnessing a collective timeline kicking into action. I have seen it several times this week, in different bodies, which for me is a clear indication that this is rippling through our shared space.

What is happening is an activation of the planetary circuitry of Sacred Sites. There is an activation that is planetary, but it is also happening INSIDE US.

On the planet a huge network of all of the Sacred Sites links up. It is a powerful field of living, breathing intelligence, the sentience of the earth.

I have never seen us included in that network before. But we are an integral part of the network. It is something that we used to be conscious of. It got relegated to the depths of our unconscious mind.

This activation occurs deep in our belly, at the level of the hara. What I witnessed was as if a stone circle, a ring of powerful energy lit up at that point in our body. Slowly at first. Then it illuminated the whole of the nervous system, the whole of the field, expanding and strengthening. New dimensions of us, ones that we had to close down in order to have our deep experience of density and disconnect, are opening again. We are being reconnected to that,  to the field of intelligence of the earth.

We are literally becoming sacred sites. Fields of sublime energy, not at the level of personality, but in some much more fundamental dimension of our being.

That sounds like a crazy thing to say, egotistical the extreme, but it isn’t that at all. When these things happen, it is so far beyond anything the ego could have or would have dreamed up. We are simply meant to walk the planet as fields of illumination. We are meant to be partners of the earth, sharing in the wisdom, not disconnected.

This is a significant part of our purpose. Something we are meant to be doing. We are now realising, en masse, that we are intimately connected in to the earth at this level of energy, and believe me, it is a lot of of energy.

The rightness of it feels divine. We are stepping back into our true nature and taking up out true roles.

The wave of energy that this creates around the planet is a powerful part of the awakening that is underway. There is going to be a huge awakening on the planet soon, involving many that have paid no attention up till now.

This activation will support that. It enables us to hold a field of deep, strong, unwavering energy on the planet that allows others to feel safe enough to let go into the huge unfolding underway.

It delights me to be a part of this and I see so clearly how this work is orchestrated, one step after another, each timed to perfection. This step needing the needing the earlier pieces to be in place. It is beautiful.

So, if any of this is resonating, please join me for this activation. It is much needed.


“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman





The other day I was working one to one with a client, and the most beautiful thing unfolded as a part of the session.