Dimensions 8 and 9; Anchor and Integrate


Introducing, anchoring and integrating Dimensions 8 and 9. The second phase of what was begun with  the Honey Bees and Higher Dimensions teleconference.



We are, at our most fundamental, frequency carriers. We have been “imprisoned” for a long time now, locked into low frequency bandwidths. The imprisoning energies are now dissolving. Our energy fields are opening like tightly furled flowers, receiving the sun at their first dawn. It is truly a new dawn. We are experiencing  the birth of a new world.
Our role is to actively participate in this. Many ask, what is my purpose? It is this. Grounding these high frequency fields is our purpose. There might well be other aspects of our individual purpose,  but this is a reason many of us find ourselves on this planet at this time. We each carry a specific set of frequencies, or codes. As we move through and into fields of higher frequency, what has been buried and dormant within us is being unearthed and activated, primarily as frequency.
We also have a role to play in the grounding of these higher dimensions of light back into the planetary field. They are always present, but need human bodies to consciously interact with and receive these higher dimensional fields.
They activate us, open up dimensions within us the we haven’t even dreamt were present. At a planetary level, they also need to be here to anchor the frequencies of and for a new world. It’s an inside and an outside job. As above, so below.
So, we will work with all of these elements. There will always be an initial phase of setting and clearing the field. We are so hugely supported in this work, by so many energies. The Honey Bees will lend their assistance, as will some of our crystalline and metallic friends.
We will work into the core of the earth, to deeply anchor the incoming energies. We will open to and receive these higher dimensional frequencies that want to be present on the planet in time for the Solstice, which I think marks another huge turning point for humanity.
This is both personal and collective work. As these higher frequencies of energy come in and integrate, they set up an automatic clearing of what isn’t in alignment, and a deep release of historic patterning. They also re-order our energy fields and open potentials and possibilities in our DNA.

I have seen the energies work into the DNA molecules to clear ancestral patterning and open new timelines. There is no junk DNA, just unactivated potential.
The same happens a collective level. We are in the process of releasing the energies of what we may call The Fall, a massive and traumatic descent in  in consciousness that we undertook thousands of years ago.  Our exploration of density is done, it is time to remember who and what we are.
These dimensions can be seen as frequencies being added back into our personal and collective matrix. In truth they are regions of our own being opening up again, after being closed off collectively for a long, long time.

There are some very significant shifts coming through December and into January. This work is preparation for those. It also equips us to begin our work of reclaiming the planet form the rule of density and destruction. It is time for this to unfold.

This teleconference will last between 1 hr 45 mins and 2 hrs.