Fields of Perception. A Pineal Activation.



Perception is everything. How we chose to perceive or lives, our bodies, our situation, our world makes a huge and vital difference to our experience.

As more veils, both internal and external dissolve, our capacity to perceive clearly is increasing. We need to honour this capacity. We have to be willing to perceive in a different way. Maybe we haven’t fully realised the amazing capacity of our field of perception. It can literally hold worlds in place. So at this point in our collective evolution, it becomes important that we allow the world change by not fixing the way we perceive it.

There are a couple of things going on here. First, a further unveiling deep into in the head reveals and clears more of the pineal gland, the optic nerve and eyeball. I can’t say much about this. I am just aware that it will happen as a significant piece of energy work. It’s an activation that will take place on the teleconference.

This is combined with a willingness to gaze upon the world from and with a different perspective. It is a subtle piece of energy work, that will also involve opening up channels of perception from the heart to the eyes.

Essentially its about relaxing and softening the field of perception. It expands and widens, taking in more, and we allow energy into the eyes rather than streaming energy out in a way that grasps whatever we are looking at. We are in-formed by reality rather than energetically telling life how it is and needs to be to fit our preconceptions.

Instead of a hard, searching energy that focuses on what is wrong in the world, the soft gaze allows the underpinning beauty of life to reveal itself. It’s much less of a strain, and we drop back deeper into a state of relaxation.

Now is the time to really begin to unveil the gaze, and its power to change what we gaze upon.