Releasing The Crucifixion Archetype.



Working with a client very recently, an old chestnut of a belief system came up to be seen. Only this time in a much richer, fuller format.

The belief system was, “In order to ascend, the body has to die.”

This might well have been true. Access to some higher frequency ranges would have been very difficult while still in a body, and would have required years of training and focus. Now though, we are routinely exploring higher dimensions and mystical states with on weekend workshops and on-line teleconferences. Things have changed dramatically.

A part of this belief that I hadn’t seen before, which was revealing itself in this client session was the profound link with the crucifixion.

After 2,000 years of Christian teachings, a huge subconscious link has been made between crucifixion and ascension. It was how it was for him, the man Jesus.  Who are we to be any different?

Many of us have spent lifetimes exploring the deep levels of guilt and shame extolled by the Christian church in less enlightened days. Mortification of the flesh, inflicting painful punishments on our own bodies as a way of experiencing some of the pain Jesus knew was a common practice, and seen as a holy thing to do. The body was routinely denied and debased and abused.

What I witnessed in the client session was a deep current of “hot” electrical wiring, arranged down the arms and along the spine, in the form of a crucifix. This wiring also wound its way around the throat and mouth.

As I touched it, I was flooded with awareness as to the level of contortion of truth that has come through this religion, and what a massive impact it has had over centuries, on the bodies, lives, hearts and minds of millions of followers. It is difficult for us now to imagine just how powerful was the hold of the church, and how terrifying that could be. If you spoke out against the teachings, you might well face torture and death. Populations were largely uneducated, and easily persuaded, conditioned and coerced.

It aligns well with what is unfolding on the planet now. Many are simply accepting the main stream media version of events with no research or awareness of their own. If anyone is promoting anything other than the media or government  version of events they risk being silenced.

As we worked in the session to dissolve the architecture of the crucifixion, I could see how the denial of the body, the belief that the body needs to be ascended away from, lies deep in our subconscious and underpins all manner of self abuse and self harm. It allows us to believe that the body is not important, and so we can treat it badly, not include it as a part of our spiritual practice.

This conditioning is harsh and cruel, originating in the distorted masculine that was engaged in enormous suppression of the feminine. The body, regardless of its sex, is the feminine principle, it is the little piece of the earth we are totally responsible for. It returns to the earth when we are done. The programming tells us that it is ok, even good and holy to abuse and deny the body. The same goes for the earth.

This is massive programming at work. As millions more are coming to their own awakening, this programming is being triggered. It’s time for it to clear.

Think about this. The Christian religion is only 2000 years old. The programming we have taken on board from it is a very thin veneer, stuck over the vastness of our being, and it’s ready to collapse.

I really though we were done with this but I realise this piece is significant because ascension is happening in the body. It’s happening to the body. The body is the key for all of this, and so the dismantling of the deep programme around crucifixion and torture of the body  is a very significant step we are about to take at a collective level.