The April Wave; Receiving Deeply.



This months Galactic Pulse, that we experience as a wave lands between 20-22 April. We are now in the pre-wave and energies are intensifying.

This wave looks to me like dropping a pebble into the centre of a pond, and watching the ripples spread outward. The pulse extends out from the central of the Galaxy, maybe its Universal, not sure on that. everything i n this Galactic pool is impacted by the ripple. It also ripples out from our sun, the centre of our Solar System, in away that is personalised for this little group of planets orbiting our local star. So it’s a double whammy. Galactic and impersonal, localised and tailored to the needs of this planet.

Our job here is to receive deeply of this amazing opportunity as fully as is possible. That requires the emptying out, the stillness, the openesss, willingness and gratitude is a part of this too. Gratitude for the chance to participate. Gratitude for the realisation that so much we have been taught is false, gratitude for the turning of the age we find ourselves in. Gratitude that our souls are so much stronger and wiser than our personalities, and keep us focused.

The intensity of the incoming energies is designed to shake us to our core. It’s designed to shake loose and free us from all illusions and false beliefs, restrictions and limitations. These waves can feel totally overwhelming. I was shown that each one gets exponentially stronger than the one before, penetrating deeper into the vast system of structures we have created to keep us bound.

The energies are not just waves of dissolution. They are building waves too, strengthening, revealing, cleansing and purifying. They are Love and Truth in action

In this teleconference we will focus on gratitude and receiving deeply. There will be other stuff that emerges to be included. The capacity to receive and the recognition of the times we are in are very important now, go hand in hand. These galactic waves are massive trigger points for the deepest level of transformation. It is truly useful at the moment to take time to prepare well, so you can make the most of what is available.