The Cosmic Nervous System; An Upgrade.



For the past few weeks, whenever I am engaged in energy work with an individual, the energy has focusing first into the spine and nervous system. A lot of deconstruction and disintegration is happening there. we are being disconnected from the old paradigm. I have watched as the spine has been unwrapped from layers and sheaths. It’s happening at a collective level. In effect, the spine and nervous system of humanity is being rewired for a new age.

Since the Equinox, this has  shifted into a new phase.

Working with someone yesterday, the energy started opening up the spine and nervous system as usual.  As we proceeded, I was instructed to help detach the energetic spine and nervous system from the body. I watched as this was disconnected and moved about 18 inches behind the body. There it opened up, expanded, became something very different. It literally grew in size, taking on extra dimensions.

A whole other layer of the system was bought in, added to this glowing field. This is our cosmic nervous system. It’s a part of us we disconnected from eons ago, ready to come back on line.

As we worked the new system was slowly bought back into the body and reconnected. Then energy was taken right down into the earth and offered to all of the inner earth kingdoms. for some reason this was deeply moving to witness.

I understood that once the extraordinary wave of energy that met us over the Equinox had settled in, we were ready for this reconnect to happen. We have been prepared for this over a long time. This reconnect of a cosmic nervous system was very much about the integration of starlight, and higher levels of energy that we are now ready to consciously work with. It was very much a reconnect to star family energy and had a major impact on the DNA, starting to open it up. I know this will continue and deepen.

I also know that, when I am witness to things like this, it wants to be offered out to the wider collective. So, that’s what this teleconference is. A major cosmic reconnect and upgrade.

As usual, a template will be woven and offered to the planetary field so this can be accessed by anyone seeking it.