Align With What is Coming. Universal Truth.



If you get quiet and still you can probably feel it. It might be showing up as insecurity or anxiety, probably low grade, deep seated. When you really focus into it, it reveals itself as something else.

It’s immense and unstoppable.

Since the Solstice, and the huge influxes and activations that happened then, there has been much activity, mostly deep down, in our collective subconscious. This is starting to bubble up, rising to the surface, coming into awareness.  By the end of February, our inner landscape will have changed. The outer world will have to follow very soon after.

This is not because of some individual, a politician coming in to save the day. Those days are done. We have been through an important process recently, with millions projecting huge amounts of energy onto one person as saviour. The process of disillusionment is a painful one but the dismantling of illusions is a profound and important part of coming to maturation. At a collective level it allows a deeper willingness to accept personal responsibility for change. It is massively empowering.

So what next. The agreements we collectively made, many thousands of years ago are dissolving. I have often talked of our collective decisions to embark on this exploration of density, to be ruled by others, to be disempowered and disconnected, separated from truth. Well, all fo that is finished, almost. The fog, the miasm that we have all been engulfed in is clearing rapidly now.

It is like waking from a dream. The dream is one of being enslaved and ensnared. On awakening we quickly realise the depth and power of the dream as an experience, but it stops there. We stretch and recognise the truth, that the dream is no more. We are free.

Imagine millions around the planet coming to this realisation very suddenly. The fog dissolves as the sun rises, changing the landscape completely. We come to our senses, en masse, a little bewildered at how we can have been so confused and befuddled as to allow the thieves and crooks to run the show.

As I write this I have the image of a small, individual space craft, powerful and beautiful, on its own long mission. Such a long mission that it almost forgot its connection to the mothership. The unbelievable joy of the reconnection, connection as this small craft docks and connects fully to the mother ship, with its vast resources, power, capacity, this is what we are about to experience.

All to our own degree, readiness and willingness. What we are connecting back to is the immensity of Universal Truth. Not “my truth versus your truth”. Simply Truth. Immovable Truth. This will become more powerfully manifest on the planet. As it manifests itself through us, it becomes a fields of energy so strong and clear, that lies and illusion can not hold power it its presence.

The extreme conditions we find on the planet, with more and more control being imposed by governments is helping to create the perfect conditions, allowing pressure to build, speeding the dissolving of the collective veils.

The December Solstice was a catalysing point for this unveiling in the collective field. I see this happening deep in the earth, but it it alive in each one of us.

On tomorrows teleconference we will align with this force field. We will dissolve illusory veils. We will stand in truth as an energy, and allow it to work through us.

It will be like waking from a collective dream.