Solstice Impact, The Diamond Heart Activation.



The December Solstice was billed as a huge event for the planet, and it didn’t disappoint. The energetics of it were huge. When we experience a major shift like that it can take a while to settle in.

As it does, often there is a significant clearing of old patterning and conditioning. Also, the newness of everything, the energy impacts our personal energy field in ways we often are not conscious of. It can be easy to think nothing much changed and slip back into life as it was without giving space for newness to emerge.

On this teleconference taking place 6 days after the solstice we will engage in energy work to open the field to the new offerings. There will be a focus on both the earth and spoil star to allow them to accommodate the changes.

The December 2020 Solstice, from my perspective, was a huge heart opening. We have focused on that aspect of development for a while, but I was taken by surprise at the level of expansion that was offered.

On this teleconference I will talk about some of the things I  experienced over the Solstice period, and what they might mean for us individually and collectively moving forward.