Releasing The Imprint of Colonialism/Colonisation.



After the last teleconference, The Glastonbury Transmission, I had difficulty getting to sleep. As I lay in bed in the early morning, my solar plexus was hard and painful.

I did what I always do, and started to explore the tension. Quickly, what unfolded was an ugly pattern locked deep into my system. Layer upon layer of energy revealed itself and peeled away. Each layer was another level, another experience of colonisation taking place on this planet.

There were the European settlers colonising North America, the same in Australia, and Africa.  There were Roman armies marching across Europe, laying claim to vast territories.

There were Mongolian hordes on horseback sweeping down access the plains in order to extend their reach. I watched as Norman armies invaded the coast where I now live and battled to take this country.

Countless times in our history this has happened, and still continues now. Wars are still fought over territory, influence, resources and power.

As I lay and watched the tight hard layers dissolve in my system I was aware of how deep and entrenched is the distortion we live with. I felt the imposition, the terror and grief of the dispossessed. I wept at the dislocation and separation we live.

Each time an army moves into a new landscape to claim it as theirs, they slaughter many of the native peoples of that land. They impose their rules, traditions, languages and religions upon the people they have conquered. Often the local priests and wise-ones are killed. It usually involves a separating of people from their connectedness to nature, their deep anchoring in the landscape and a smothering of the natural spiritual practices and things.

Romans killed off the Druids in this country. These natural spiritual systems of worship connected people to the land, the elements, to the trees, rivers and mountains. Christianity became the religion imposed. The earth became the place where hell was located and it became normal to posses the land, to strip it of its riches. Man shall have dominion over the earth is one of the many ugly lies propagated in order to deepen the separation. It is usually in service to profit. Everything is sacrificed in order to chase money.

This wound inflicted over and over again, is a deep scar, in the collective psyche of humanity. There are tribes and peoples who still live in ways that we all once did. They are few and far between. They hold a field of energy present on the planet that will not be extinguished.

What is happening now is the release of the scar tissue and the grief and rage at very deep levels of the collective. Whenever a population is so massively traumatised the wound becomes integrated into the collective psyche. Scar tissue forms and the wound separates itself off. New behaviours of separation are normalised. The connectedness that was once the way of things becomes a distant memory spoken about in stories and myths, remembered in dreams and intuitions.

It is returning.

The scar tissue is ready to release and dissolve.

The work I offer has focused around this issue for years. Separation sickness is what it is. The separation and deep numbing enable us to live as a collective, in ways that completely disregard the wellbeing of the planet, and ourselves. We disconnect form the deep levels of wisdom and guidance available to us from the heart of the earth

All of this is coming to an end. With this piece of energy work, we will move through many many layers to ancient and not so ancient trauma. We will dissolve the scar tissue and namespace for the reunification that is underway in deeper dimensions.

This work will be personal and collective, and available as a recording if you can’t attend live.