Glastonbury Transmission.



Glastonbury is a place immersed in myth and legend. It is in the county of Somerset in south west England and lies on the major line of energy that runs across that part of the landscape.

I have traveled here many times over the years, and always been deeply touched and affected by the immensely powerful energies of this place. When I knew I was to be returning to this place, I understood a transmission of these energies was a possibility.

I am always a little reticent around these ideas as they formulate, unsure wether they are just emerging from my personality. When I got here, it quickly became clear that the energies themselves want to transmit. I move into questioning, “Can I do this?”
The Divine Feminine steps in and tells me that she will be “doing it”, not me.

Thats a relief.

Over the course of this teleconference I will talk a little about these beautiful earth energies, and how important they are for our growth and evolution. I will introduce you to different levels of the energy, how they express and what they offer.

For me they have always been instructional and healing, like an old friend pointing out very gently where I am off course, what I need to pay attention to. The energies themselves  also benefit from human bodies interacting with them in a conscious way.
Our ancestors did this often. We are remembering how.

Wherever you are on the planet these energies are present. Sometimes that is obvious, like here in Glastonbury, or Stonehenge or at a volcano. Sometimes the energies are quiet and deep. They will always respond to your enquiry, your patience and your taking the time to investigate and be with them. This teleconference will help you access the energies wherever you are. It will enable you to participate in the creation of a powerpoint of your own. The earth wants this. It is a part of our purpose to bring the deeply creative earth energies to the surface of the planet. This work is literally life changing. We become immediately aware that the earth is interactive, seeks relationship with us and wants to enrich our lives.

The line of energy that Glastonbury sits on is known as the Michael and Mary line because it has two components, a masculine and a feminine aspect. We will over the course of this teleconference work with both of those streams of power.

Where these currents meet, our ancestors have built temples, churches and castles. In these places springs arise, healings take place and standing stones are positioned to amplify and direct the power of the landscape.

I will talk about the experiences I am having on this visit, and their implications for us as individuals and the wider collective.

Avebury, the largest stone circle in Europe is 50 miles from Glastonbury. It lies on the same current of energy. I have just visited there today and we will include the energies of that place in our transmission too.

This is the first time I have engaged in a transmission in this way, so its a new step for me. It will be deeply healing , connecting and loving. It may stimulate past life awareness. It will certainly trigger a greater capacity to manifest at the physical level. That is what the earth energy does.

I will write more over the next couple of days, but I hope you feel moved to join me for this transmission of energy from the heart of Glastonbury.

Photo by Niklas Weiss on Unsplash