Exploring Fields of Unification.



It now becomes very possible to unite our inner being. The energies available to us are really helping to strip out and dissolve the dividing walls we have built up between different aspects, dimensions, personality structures that we all hold within.  This is a powerful unification process, one which impacts us as individuals but also has a major impact in the wider collective.

As we become more and more unified in our own being, we hold fields of greater unification on and for the planet. This affects those we directly come into contact with. Also it enhances the possibility of planetary balance, not because we are “trying” to make that happen, but simply because we embody that, so it manifests around us as a direct result of what we are. Another aspect of creating our own reality.

Recently I have witnessed over and over the ease with which compartmentalised aspects inside us relax, giving up their personalised status to become part of the whole. Often these parts are deeply wounded, feel abandoned, are determined to have their say, hold their power. This can show up as patterns of self sabotage, procrastination, avoidance and self hatred. As more of these aspects integrate, the whole life stream becomes stronger, smoother, brighter. More of our energy starts flowing in the same direction instead of pulling towards twenty differing goals. Evolution speeds up, and our experience of life simplifies itself.

I have frequently seen past life layers in the field of clients at war with teach other. We have incarnated across a very wide range of cultures, times, bodies and beliefs systems. These don’t all integrate smoothly at death. Whatever is holding on as residue seeks expression so that is can be included in the wholeness of our being. I have found this happening in myself, with a layer of friction between a Viking warrior aspect and a christian priest aspect that needed resolution.

This unifying support is now available in ways I haven’t seen before. I think the level of unification generally has risen so this tips the energy over into a frequency where it simply becomes a unifying field. We are being held in a field of unification too. The assistance available is powerful indeed. We can hold onto our divisions and separations, but this requires increasing amounts of effort, and just looks plain silly.

Anyway, this is what we are exploring on this teleconference. I hope you enjoy.