The Divine Feminine; A Deeper Rising.



For many years now, the suppressed energy of the Divine Feminine has been rising on the planet.

From my perspective, It looks as if collective choices were made to disconnect with that field of light and inspiration. We chose our journey, our descent into density. These choices are made at higher levels of our being. The personality field, living through the physical experience, often has a very different perspective.

The consciousness of the planet itself withdrew, puling its energy into her depths. We did the   same, knowing that the times we were entering into required a separation from wisdom, and


all that we knew ourselves to be. We buried our treasures and joys, our wisdoms and connection deep in the shared levels of the collective field.

I have, over many years, witnessed layers after layer of awakening in my own and collective fields. This is always a sequential movement dropping deeper and deeper, clearing more of the debris and shadow, allowing light in.

Now we are at the place collectively where it is not so much about allowing light in to penetrate the depths, but allowing what we buried in those depths to shine forth. This too, comes in phases and waves. Many of us have been engaged in this for some years, others are just beginning these deeper explorations. No mind. All of the different levels of awakening are taken into account. Everything is held in Unity.

As polarities tear themselves apart on the surface of the planet it is time once again for us to drop way deeper into ourselves and into the earth, and hold space for the latest layer of awakening that is taking place, within us and in the consciousness of the planet. In the shared collective field we bring this to the surface, and anchor it, making it more freely available.

I know we have worked with this in the past, but this cyclical, spiralling exploration is the way of the universe. We are always covering new ground, pushing ever deeper and higher, moving into new territory and helping others to access the frequencies with greater ease.

This is a beautiful arising. A long awaited washing away of more of the trauma and debris of separation that we have been working on for so long now. It is a deeper integration of the gifts inherent in our very nature and a surfacing of the fields of peace and neutrality that underpin all of the chaos in the polarised systems of the planet.  This again strengthens the availability of peace, spaciousness for anyone that is seeking it, as well, of course, in us.
It is also a weaving back and forth. As we open higher dimensions, we are able to access deeper levels. As we drop into our depths, it becomes possible for us to reach new heights.

We used to walk this, live this on and with the consciousness of the planet. We are moving back into awareness of what it is to be at one with Her again. So this, in a sense is midwifery. We are constantly giving birth to more of ourselves and also helping in the planetary, collective emergence of Unity Consciousness.