Expanding Our Capacity to Receive Guidance.


Energy work to open the head centres and channels, allowing for easier reception of guidance.


Our once intimate and immediate connection to Source, our Greater Self and support teams in the non physical realms has, over many thousands of years, been massively downgraded.

It has always been possible for individuals to open these connections as they evolve. It happens quite naturally as a part of process of advancement. Now, because of the huge      up-levelling we are experiencing on the planet, there is the opportunity for some of these channels to be opened at a collective level.

This happens as a result of the evolutionary movement we have all experienced, and of course it will facilitate more of the same.

Over the past couple of months, many my individual clients have received energy work in the centre of the head, at the axis point of the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands. This is usually accompanied by energy work to more fully open the soul star and crown.

The Equinox, which saw a major influx of primordial light, was a massive awakening trigger for millions around the globe. This puts pressure on ancient decisions and and actions taken to disconnect some of the streams of cosmic consciousness that flowed into our systems thousands of years ago.

We actively knew of our Universal connectedness. We were aware of being at one with everything.

There have been many successive “falls” in consciousness on his planet. Now we are reversing that movement to separate, and opening up connections that are entirely natural but for many are dormant.

This will speed our personal evolution, but also serve the wider collective, as a template of possibility and potential is formed and offered out to the planetary field.

The work will be specific, and powerful. We will focus deep into the head to clear and balance the three glands. The crown and Soul Star will be worked through. All of the energy work will be grounded into the throat, heart and fully into the body. We will anchor it into the DNA.

It will bring in another series of octaves of light.

Of course, receiving guidance is not simply a matter of mechanics. We are all designed to be fully connected, but there are for each of us many layers of wounding snd scarring, and many ways in which we have turned away from our connection over vast periods of time.

We will look at some of these too. The work will open us to more light. This will over time enable blocks in the body or field to naturally dissolve as more energy focuses into old patterns.

Simply reading this will probably alert you as to wether you need to sign u p for what will be a profound piece of work.