Collapsing Time; Reaching back to The Beginning.



It’s getting very busy, with so much happening every day now. There is certainly a sense of building towards something major. I’m sure you can feel that.

The uploading and integration of lost, buried and hidden aspects of self continues apace. It is almost dizzying to pay attention to as it is happening so fast now, and is relentless.

Now we are truly breaking any sense of confinement by the personality structure and expanding through more and more of our multi-dimensionality. I lie in bed at night watching my energy field expand, become vast. It stretches for miles, and in it are structures of light, the light-body that activates, holds and downloads energy. I’m not particularly engaged with this process, not at a personality level, but my becoming more aware of it is a part of our growing acceptance and inclusion of ourselves as……., well, so much more than we have believed. As universal.
This is happening for many.

We are shedding the trappings and bindings of limitation. All of the conditioning is falling away, all of the past lives are being condensed and integrated. What I have experienced this week is a reaching back through vast epochs of time, integrating, gathering, distilling the huge fields of data that are stored in the ethers and in the earth. It’s like watching the film “Inception”, where enormous dreamscapes collapse and disintegrate. That is what we are doing, collapsing time and space as an external. Maybe it is more accurate to say we are expanding through time and space.

This gathering and distilling of data into our being signals an ending of sorts. This phase of the game, the experiment is done.

Millions, billions of years ago, many of us came, maybe as one, to prepare the ground, set the seeds for this experiment in consciousness. We incorporated ourselves into the experiment, and forgot. Now is the Great Remembering.

This teleconference will be an aid to that remembering. This teleconference will be an aid to the expansion through time and space, reaching back to the beginning of this experiment, and drawing it all the way forward.

More will be written over the coming days, but all of this is preparation for the Solstice. It is good now to allow all of the forms of your practice to collapse. All of the rules, all of the beings you have imagined are more than and bigger than you. Let it all go. Nothing contains you, nothing holds your truth for you. Experience directly your vastness. It is immeasurable.