Planetary Geometry, A System of Support.



“How do I best support myself and the collective?”

This is a great question to be asking, and it seems to be up for the collective at the moment. It is worth meditating on.

When I do, I always receive an answer from the energetic perspective. It isn’t there only perspective, but it is where I am primarily focused.

“Become more focused in what you transmit. Be very clear about what it is you are radiating and spend time doing this consciously for the collective.This is not about saving anyone or thing, but about co-creating the field of light, a network of support that uplifts and enables others to make more sense of their world. You are meant to be these energetic transmitters now. It is a primary part of your purpose. There is no one else to wait for. You are the ones. So embody these frequencies, be these frequencies radiate these frequencies. No need to preach, ¬†persuade or convert. No need even to speak. Simply be these frequencies that cut through the mire of illusion and make a strong energetic statement of truth.”


When I ask how best to do that I am reminded of something I have been experiencing more and more strongly over the past few years. We have worked with it on teleconferences in the past. It is to take the perspective of being at once outside the experiment and inside the experiment at the same time. Aware of myself as in the world but not of it.

It can be a slightly tricky position to adopt, but it is natural to us, and we can quickly get used to this strange balancing act of holding a cosmic view point, as well as planetary and personal at the same time.

This does indeed focus a lot of undiluted light, cosmic frequency into the planetary field. Of course that flows through us first, working its way through our personal field. It quickly radiates out. We are creating planetary geometries that seem to sing with clear crystalline tones. It feels to me something of an announcement.

Sundays teleconference will be adding out voice, our song to this planetary chorus. More and more are joining in. We will work deeply through the heart with this and open a new axis that is coming on line in the throat. So much is becoming available now, so much unearthing and unfolding.

As always we will be massively assisted by our friends in the non-physical realms. Much more will probably unfold in the coming days. I will write again before Sunday.