One of The Team.



I have struggled this week. Some pretty major clearing has happened that meant that I was in deep shadowlands for a day. I felt toxic as the energy purged through my system. And then, all of a sudden, it is done and the shift is dramatic as the energy clears.

I was told “You are moving between dimensions shedding energies that anchor you in lower frequencies.” This is true for many of us now. There is a huge push from  our team members in other dimensions to help us raise our vibration.

This is because it is time to end the powerful illusion of separation that underpins such distortion on the planet.

Yesterday, I watched as a sliver of silvery white light integrated itself into a clients system. It was an aspect her Greater Self that had been wanting to come into form for some time, waiting to be present in the physical self. As the energy of this aspect settled in I heard, ” We want to help you remember and return to your natural vibratory rate, so that you live from that. It is time to fully accept the partnership we are in. This means giving up the illusion of separation.”

They want us to resonate at their level now, because that is what is actually most natural to us. As we return to those levels, of frequency, our communion becomes easier and more clear. It becomes obvious that we are not doing this alone, that there are many more dimensions and aspects of us that are focused here in this massive process too.

We agreed to fall into darkness and density over vast periods of time, to engage deeply in separation and all that that brings. That time is done now. Many of us agreed to be pulled out of those fields of illusion, and to hold the energy of Unity, Oneness. We anchor it personally but also hold those frequencies for the planet.

It’s a significant piece of work. One that is very important for us, and will have a huge impact on how we live.  For the most part we don’t realise how distorted we are by the belief we are alone, separate, from each other, the planet and nature, the cosmos and all other dimensions.

Of course, it took me a while to realise that this week is All Hallows Eve, Samhain. The time when the veil between worlds, or the membranes between dimensions are reputed to be at their  thinnest. So, it is entirely appropriate to focus on dissolving some of those veils now. Our team really wants to do this with us. They can’t do it for us, but the level of help and support on offer now is totally phenomenal.

We have to be on board with this elevation in frequency. We have to agree to the dismantling of old belief systems. We also need to be aware that a rapid rise in frequency can cause a sudden detox of the system. Low frequency energy gets purged rapidly as high frequency energy comes into our system That can be uncomfortable, particularly if we don’t understand what is going on, or how to support the process.

The core, archetypal wound of abandonment that all of us share at some level is a major part of this separation sickness that we suffer from.  The deep seated resistance to being here, on this planet in a body  that many of us have experienced is a piece of it too.

We will focus on all of this and more on Sundays teleconference, which takes place in the Samhain, full moon window. We will use those bonus energies  to help us release old constructs, patterning and belief systems that are tied into this massive issue.

Trick or treat? It’s time to treat ourselves as if we are the high frequency beings we know ourselves to be.