Sleeper Cells Awakening.



I thought there would be no teleconference this weekend. That was silly. Monday morning, I quickly become aware that there are preparations that can be made. Always.

This weekends call will be on Saturday 19th instead of the usual Sunday. There will be a free teleconference on Monday 21st at the time of the Solstice, starting at 9.20am UK.

So, on Saturday 19th, we are gathering for a pre-Solstice tune in/up?

What is coming up over and over again is this scenario. You may have seen movies where agents are deployed deep undercover. So deep that they don’t even know they are undercover, or even that they are agents.

Well, that’s us. In a very real sense,  many off us planted ourselves inside the experiment in order to experience it to its very depths. We are timed, primed to awaken. The cosmic triggers we currently experience are aspects of the awakening. Millions will be triggered by the Solstice astrology, and will open to deeper truths snd levels of themselves over the coming months. For some of us, this is an ever deeper part of the excavation process.

Many of us are done now with the healing journey. We have identified strongly with healing, our need to be healed, but there is no point in trying to fix or make right what is inherently untrue about ourselves. The layers of distortion we have lived, and believed to be us for thousands of years are falling away to reveal truth. No longer is it appropriate to try to fit in.  It is simply time to be ourselves. At the deepest level we can be ourselves, knowing that next year, next month, next week, there will be more of our essential, original self uncovered and available. Ever morphing, becoming.

Trauma layers, lifetimes of unimaginable hardship and suffering are releasing now rapidly through our collective and personal fields. These have served to keep us encapsulated, pressurised and small. Hoodwinked into believing  our wretchedness. As these layers dissolve, natural spaciousness reveals itself. We find ourselves to be humans and vastness at one and the same time. It is our role to bring vastness to humanness, and live it in a body. Uncontained.

So we are being revealed and unearthed. The sleeper cells that we are, are are encoded to awaken now. We don’t even know where this leads. We don’t yet fully remember who and what we are.

This teleconference is a part of that remembrance, a part of the preparation. As we gather, we create space for those aspects of us that do remember, those parts that maybe didn’t incarnate into the experiment to help in our uncovering. This is a long game we are in, playing out over many years, lifetimes, aeons.

Our awakening is primarily about frequency, laying the ground of energy for a new earth. As we recognise we are not contained by the experience of being human, we can enjoy the process of being here. All of it. Even what appears to be shitty.

So please join me in this act of remembrance, this act of awakening.