12th – 20th February 2023

Day 1

Sunday 12th February

London Heathrow > Cairo
Egyptair (MS778)
14:00 > 20:40

We fly in to Cairo and spend our next two nights in a boutique hotel that overlooks the Great Pyramid and Sphinx.

Day 2

Monday 13th February
Saqqara & Dahshur

We travel to the crown chakra of Egypt to journey deep into three of the least visited yet most powerful sacred sites. Older than the Great Pyramid and filled with primal energies, the Red and Bent pyramids of Dahshur invite us to clamber deep inside both their inner chambers for private guided meditations and chanting rituals. Then we travel to Saqqara to visit the Step Pyramid, oldest of all and the Serapeum, one of the strangest places you’ll ever visit, with a unique magick all of its own. We’ll end with a deep evening meditation on our hotel balcony with the Great Pyramid and Sphinx before us.

Day 3

Tuesday 14th February

Giza Plateau
Cairo > Aswan
Egyptair (MS84)
13:45 > 15:10

The pineal glands of Egypt are the Great Pyramid and Sphinx themselves and we visit them before any other tourists arrive. We all get a chance to meditate and chant inside the sarcophagus of the Kings chamber which will open the StarGate Portal for the rest of our trip. We then experience the site on the back of camels before flying to Aswan, the Nubian desert capital of the South. We check into our Nile boat then head off for a sunset ride on a traditional Felucca sail boat to crown and integrate the days adventures.

Day 4

Wednesday 15th February
Aswan & Kom Ombo

We travel at dawn to the Temple of Philae, root chakra of Egypt, and home to Isis where we meditate in her Holy of Holies inner chamber. We then sail over the original submerged temple for a baptism and meditation, a transformative experience, before continuing to a traditional Nubian village where we meet the local medicine women and men. They create astonishing, bespoke talismans which we can purchase directly from them. We then head back to the boat and set sail on our journey northwards. We visit the Sacral Chakra of Egypt, the Temple of Sobek at Kom Ombo as the sun sets.v

Day 5

Thursday 16th February
Edfu & Luxor

We spend the whole day sailing the Nile, soaking up the sun on the pool deck, before arriving at Edfu where we visit the Solar Plexus chakra of Egypt, the Temple of Horus. Once again we do guided visualisations in the power points throughout the temple complex. We arrive in Luxor as the sun sets and meditate on the boat deck, in the shadow of the West Bank.

Day 6

Friday 17th February
Luxor > Dendera > Abydos

Early start as we drive North to visit Dendera, seat of the Hathor Temple, Throat chakra of Egypt. We visit Her sacred crypts, out of bounds to tourists, where we do powerful and unique rituals. Then drive on to Abydos, home of Osiris, Third Eye chakra of Egypt, where we do Eye of Horus Initiations at the mysterious Osirion Temple, before travelling back to Luxor.

Day 7

Saturday 18th February

We spend a half day from dawn inside the Heart Chakra of Egypt, Karnak Temple, where we visit the Chapels of both Thoth and Sekhmet for private guided visualisations. Then we have an early lunch at our spectacular Nile side hotel, and spend the rest of the day by its gorgeous infinity pool. We visit the Temple of Luxor and newly opened Avenue of Sphinxes at night, eating a traditional vegan dinner in the city.

Day 8

Sunday 19th February

There is an optional hot air balloon trip at dawn over the West Bank. Then the rest of us have breakfast before heading out to Hapu Temple on the West Bank. An infrequently visited but extremely magical temple where we further deepen our integration work, as well as do a past life regression. We then return to the hotel for an afternoon in the sun by the pool, in order to integrate the week’s work. Then in the evening we go shopping in Luxor market, visiting Alibaba’s spectacular treasure trove of a shop and Dr Adil’s medicinal oil parlour, before returning to the hotel for a feast and meditative bathe and baptism in the waters of the Nile as a closing ceremony.

Day 9

Moday 20th February

Luxor > London
Egyptair (MS778)
09:05 > 13:05

We travel to the airport to catch the weekly direct flight from Luxor to Heathrow.

Your Guide, Kai Reich

Kai Reich has been visiting Egypt on spiritual excursions for the past 21 years, often with his teacher and mentor, the past life regressionist and best selling author Sue Minns, who lived in Luxor. During these trips he developed and downloaded many unique rituals and guided visualisations which he has been teaching ever since.

Kai has also developed a unique and playful rapport with his Egyptian guide Medhat, key to the energy of the whole trip, and to the kinds of unusual access we achieve in order to do the ceremonies usually forbidden in these sacred spaces.

Your Guide, David Manning

David Manning began his journey toward conscious awareness over 30 years ago. In that time he has acted as guide, mentor and healer to thousands of people. He has focused on helping to unravel the huge patterns of collective and personal wounding that keep us bound and limited. David has lead many workshops and retreats. Most of his work now takes place in online teleconferences.


He has travelled to Egypt three times in the past, having profound experiences of reconnection and remembrance. Over 10 years ago a group of Lion-headed beings made contact with David, and became his primary source of guidance and inspiration.

He understands Egypt as an archetypal portal and place of initiation. It can open us to deeper levels of our history, our world and ourself.


£4000 + £44 admin fee

£3000 + £33 admin fee

What’s Inlcuded

  • All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Pick up services from your hotel & return.
  • Airport transfers to hotel & return.
  • Medhat your English-speaking Egyptologist guide.
  • Entrance fees to all mentioned sites .
  • All tips.
  • Cairo: Hotel breakfasts, lunch & dinner served in local restaurants
  • Nile Cruise: Full board for 4 nights .
  • Luxor: Hotel breakfasts, lunch & dinner, served in local restaurants
  • All tips.
  • Two nights in Cairo, luxury room, twin or double.
  • Four nights on cruise ship, triple, twin or double (Sonesta Moon Goddess Nile Cruise or similar).
  • Two nights in Luxor, luxury room, twin or double (Hilton Luxor)
  • All tips.

    *Single Occupancy Supplement Available for all accommodation.

What’s Not Inlcuded

  • All drinks
  • International & local airfare
  • Personal expenses
  • Final tips to the guides and Egyptologist


from our 2022 Tour

“Sacred Pathways has transformed the traditional guided tour into a mystical journey. Contorting your body to climb through pyramids leads to the stillness of a group meditation inside; a visit with a five thousand-year-old bird god statue is followed by meeting an actual hawk in a café as Kai reads your coffee grounds; haggling for antiques at a market by night leads to a day of sun worship as Kivare does a water ritual on the Nile. The very name, Sacred Pathways, is apt…as Kai and Kivare have created a journey in which the “path” somehow feels just as sacred on a crowded street full of cheap trinkets as it does in the temple of Isis. You not only learn vast amounts about the spiritual ways of an ancient civilisation and its modern incarnation, but are led to find your own connection to it… and thus emerge with a greater knowledge of both history and yourself.” Collin Chace

“A seven star Egyptian Experience well worth the cost but more importantly full of fun, laughter and magical memories. Our guides worked magic to make sure we experienced ancient temples and modern sites on a VIP level. Highlights included alfresco dining on the rooftop of our Cairo boutique hotel with a very special view; a very up market Nile cruise with balcony suites, excellent dining, spa treatments, jacuzzi and a pool and wonderful free one on one tarot and psychometry readings by Kai and Kivare. Amazed we did so much in a week yet it was so well orchestrated that it all felt relaxed and unrushed. A retreat like no other! I can’t wait for a re-visit!” – Dawn Learmont

“A lot of thought went into the planning of which sites to go to and in what order to visit them and we loved the spontaneity of not knowing where we were going as well as getting up early to avoid the heat and tourists. We were incredibly fortunate to have doors opened for us that usually remain locked which felt like a real privilege. Medhat’s guiding was of an extremely high standard and there was a perfect balance of his historical knowledge and Kai’s spiritual wisdom. Kai’s meditations were the perfect length and helped us really engage with the sites and we also really appreciated Kai and Kivare’s sessions with the Tarot and psychometry readings. Spot on and lovingly delivered. All the restaurants offered food of a high standard; we loved the vegan/vegetarian options and the plentiful salad bar and fresh fruit on the boat was much appreciated. Ultimately the fact we were made to feel so safe and secure by Medhat, Kai and Kivare was the bedrock that enabled me and my daughters to surrender and focus on why we were there. And we are definitely going again with them soon.” – Trudi Goodridge

“Pure magic! A dream journey through Egypt: from deep and mysterious chambers in the pyramids to the water blessed Isis temple; from a sunset sail on a faluca to a camel ride in the dunes; eating exotic and tasty food whilst floating on an infinity pool overlooking the Valley of the Kings. I cannot imagine a better way to experience Egypt. Well, yes, a longer stay with them.” – Virginia Parades

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