One to One Session with David; 50 mins


David offers one to one energy work sessions over Skype.



A  session of energy work with David takes place over Zoom
Each session is complete in and of itself, but a series of sessions will  allow for a very deep reworking, clearing, balancing of your system.

Usually we start with some conversation to see where you’re at. Then we connect with the wider field, invite the help and wisdom of your body/mind system and your off-planetary team. That’s when the energy and sounds really begin to flow.

Most people are aware of energies shifting and releasing during a session, even though we may be thousands of miles apart. The sound has a very physical impact. Often emotions are released, and frquently there is a great sense of pressure and weight being freed as ancient, long held patterns give way.

More and more, as we anchor into a new paradigm, we are witnessing the integration of other aspects or dimensions of ourselves. Simply put, our Higher Self is no longer outside of us, it is incarnating, becoming our Inner Self. This happens in waves, with many levels of our multidimensionality coming into form, often for the first time.

Afterwards, there is a lot of energy in your field. This continues to work and integrate over the coming days. More may be released. Because major recalibrations take place, sometimes with thousands of years of history being released, the field takes a few days to rebalance itself. Drinking pure water, being in nature and rest help the process.

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