5/5 Portal. Wisdom In The Bones.



Already we are 5 months into a year that at its outset, announced itself as a massive shift point for the collective on this planet. A few days ago I sent a newsletter that  talked about the shift into a deeper level of awareness underway in the collective. The movement is showing up in my world as a deeper anchoring into skeletal levels, into the density and wisdom of the bones. We are starting to search out and meet deeper identities, more ancient identities. We are disengaging from the world of wounded-ness and traumas into the realms of who we might have been before we got lost in,  and encapsulated by trauma. Enough trauma work and deep exploration has been done on the planet to enable those tight veils of identification to wear very thin, and begin to fall apart completely. Some of us are living  free of them completely. More are following those footsteps into expand awareness every day.

Remember we are moving back in to a collective identity. We will do this with all of the experience and wisdom gained by our thousands of years exploring individuation. None of that experience is lost or wasted. We simply aren’t bound by it any longer. This collective identity we are weaving ourselves back into seems to me to emerge from within the earth. I have always sensed the collective fields that inform me as being held within the earth. I realise now that the earth and all of her great wisdom is a fundamental aspect of these fields. If we are in a body, incarnating on this planet, then we can not be separate from the earth. Much if not all of the great sickness exhibited on this planet stems from the belief that we are separate and can do what we want to the earth with there being no consequence. That belief system is winding up on this planet. Everyone now knows we are all in this together. What I do to you, I do to myself.

A lovely and simple way into this collective identity is to recognise and communicate with yourself as a “we” rather than an “I”. We are a community. There are many identities within the one version of us we display for the world. There is our body, its billions of cells, and countless microbes living in and on us. All of the ages we have ever been There are our whole stream of other lifetimes, all with an identity of their own. There are parallel lives, and multi-dimensional selves, guiding aspects, higher selves……Already you see the “I” that I label myself to be is not just an “I” at all. As we dissolve the boundaries within ourselves and recognise there are many voices, opinions, desires within us, all potentially pushing in different directions, it can become easier to gather them all together and move towards the same goal. Also, we see ourselves as already a collective. Not an individual at all.

The profound experience I have had recently during one to one sessions, of watching the flesh disappear, revealing the skeleton, has taken on another dimension. I know there was more, could feel that. Then another client session showed the way. During the energy work, the spine opened up like an accordion, and stretched out behind the client. As i witnessed this, I could see dimensions of energy and information that have been collapsed and concealed are ready to integrate. In its opening up, the spine received light, was cleaned up, and started to glow. The light infusion allowed huge amounts of data to begin to unpack itself. To me this looked like data from our deep history on this planet. Information from times when we were totally collective, tribal, and lived with a one mind mentality and energetic. We were mapped in to the collective in a way we have forgotten. it is coming back. But now, we have a vast reservoir of information regarding individuation. This will allow each to actively explore their gifts and purpose in a way that dissent separate, but enhances the collective experience of all.

This piece of energy work will be an exploration of skeletal wisdom, giving space for that to arise. The focus of attention, light, energy on the skeleton, will stimulate the unlocking process, acting like a signal to our bones, that we are ready to begin this phase of evolution. We are going to work with sound, some gentle humming and toning into the bones. The sound vibration will help unlock what lies dormant within each of us, and the wider collective.

As always, the recording will be available and holds the encoded energy of the live event for you to listen to at your leisure.