A Ceremony to Activate The Sacred Womb of Creation.


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I invite you to participate in a ceremony with me.

During a piece of energy work taking place on February 9th I was asked if I would offer this.

During the energy work I watched as a huge feminine hand reached down out of the centre of the cosmos, into the body of the woman I was working with. By this time her body appeared as a series of  layered fields of energy. Many levels of conditioning, historic suppression of the feminine had released, and we were focusing into the womb, which appeared hard, tight and small.

As the hand of the Divine Feminine reached through the fields of energy, it held the womb, but extended itself deep into the earth connecting with her core. I watched as the core of the earth was connected with the womb of this woman, and then the energy ran up through her body to connect with her heart.

It was beautiful, quite astounding really. I get to participate in very beautiful energetic events during sessions, but this was different. It was a very direct input, the hand of The Goddess moving in. Most of my work has been with women, helping to release the wounding and suppression experienced over the past however many thousands of years. Now, it seems, we are ready as a collective to move into a very different phase.

Over many years of working with individuals and groups, I have watched our progression, through various stages of collective evolution. The point we have arrived at is totally transformational. Last year, while doing some energy work in the financial district of London, I watched as the skyscrapers and office blocks lit up one by one, flooded with energy from the earth. The Divine Mother said, “I’m taking all of this back.”

While watching the feminine hand reaching out from the heart of the cosmos into the body of this woman, I knew that the reinstatement of this power on the planet will be what topples the ruling patriarchy. It is already happening.

So, I and we, will hold space for a ceremony. I won’t conduct it. Any conducting happens from other realms. The ceremony we will participate in is to receive an influx of energy from the womb of creation, through the heart of woman-kind, the human feminine, and then into her womb. That connection will be made ver strong, before moving deep into the core, the womb of the earth.

This is very much about an ignition, a reconnection of the diving feminine power of creation, that has been suppressed on this planet for thousands of years. This has been happening incrementally over many years. At this point in our collective destiny, we are ready for this alignment to be totally recalibrated.

This is not just a ceremony for those finding themselves in female form this time round. It will be useful for male embodiments too. We are at a time where many of us are consciously aware of having lived in both masculine and feminine bodies. We truly start to recognise ourselves as the indwelling spirit, rather than the body. We move out of polarised identity of male of female, and recognise ourselves as Spirit, inhabiting a form. As such we have all been persecutors and persecuted, we have all anchored male and female polarities of these collective fields now seeking resolution.

This is not about the ascendency of the Feminine into power over the maculine. We are finished with the” power over” dance.
This is about balance, happening inside and for each one of us. Then it happens around us. We create our reality from the inside out.

I am shown the map of the ceremony, some basic details, but what will take place will be fairy spontaneous. Many others are creating similar offerings, aware of similar energetic happenings. This is about the times we are in our readiness as a tribe, a species to experience this reconnection, this rebirth.

This ceremony will take place in different versions all over the planet. It will happen in individuals and groups. It will happen for those conscious and unconscious. It will happen in different ways, and by different means, and  different words and names will be used, and none of that matters.

What matters is that this power is now ready to return in a way we haven’t experienced yet. We have been building to this. It will change our inner and outer landscape.We will embody the un-manifest womb of creation, and create from that place, in alignment with Divine Will, because we are not longer experiencing separation from that.

This is our future.


“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman ”