A New Level of Stewardship.



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Have you ever felt trapped on this planet, that is wasn’t your real home, and you didn’t belong here. Have you had the experience of longing to go home, knowing home is some other star system in the Universe. Not sure where, but it isn’t here.
I think many of us resonate with that feeling to some degree. There have been times when it was very strong for me. Maybe  20years ago, a story emerged from within that, and it felt real and valid at some deep level. It was of me, being from another star system, on a mission here to take samples and make tests. There was a malfunction, or a storm,  and the craft I was in crashed onto the planet. I was trapped here. Angry, lost scared, lonely, and convinced I would be rescued.

I thinks it’s an archetypal story of abandonment and not fitting in, wanting to go home. We all have a version of this playing out to one extent or another, till it isn’t anymore. The emergence of this story helped resolved something deep inside, and I haven’t really thought about it for a long time.
It rose again last weekend as I was pulled into the earth star, an energy centre underneath the feet. Feeling into this space, I saw the wreckage of a crashed space ship, and was right back in that story. All of the emotions and feelings moved through me, anger and loneliness, hurt, reluctance to give myself to this planet and life here, always thinking there is somewhere better for me to be.
The Earth told me, “I called you to me. I wanted you here.” That simple phrase changed everything. I experienced a phenomenally deep resistance to being here, to giving myself in relationship to the feminine, the earth.
Sitting with the experience, another perspective began to unfold. I saw myself, millions of us, as grains of pollen, pulled here by some cosmic wind, some deep gravitational force. I understood a deep, sacred covenant between humanity and the earth.
As these grains of pollen, we fertilise the earth. It is another level of our purpose, one many of us are moving into now.
There are incredible synchronicities playing out at macro levels. Everything fitting together perfectly. The planetary awakening is beautifully on track.
Underlying structures of the old world are dead now. Finished. We are no longer operating from behind the veil of separation, convinced of its reality.
Cosmic energies raining into the planets field activate us, and all of life in ways and at depths we don’t really have words for. A part of this activation means we have a much deeper relationship with matter, with our body, and with the body of the earth.
We are coming back to the truly inter-related relationship, the symbiosis we are meant to be living. A deep recognition of the inter-related nature of all of life.
Many of us over the years, and particularly lately, have experienced the elemental and mythical level as a part of our true nature. Dragon selves and nature sprit activations within us have integrated wisdoms and understandings that have lain dormant. Now this comes on line more fully as we truly begin to step into our role as Stewards of the Earth.
At a deeper level, these transformative activations and the vast amount of stripping down we have experienced, have readied us.
We are ready to pollinate, to fertilise the earth. We, as grains, millions of grains of pollen are ready to be received by the earth in a totally new way.
This deeper interaction, a homecoming if you like, to a role we once knew, to an intimate relationship with the earth, to ourselves, is what is on offer now. On last weeks teleconference, we looked at receptor cells in our body, and what has been anchored into them. Now, as grains of pollen, we we are received by the earth, in much the same way, like pollen being received by the stigma of the flower in the act of fertilisation.
There is vast reams of data and codes, in-form-ation, and experience stored in and flowing through our system. It is all  downloaded into the streams of energy flowing around the earth. We are reaching a collective point where another level of data moves through  us. For years i have had the feeling of a “payload” waiting to be delivered. As if there is something I have come to give to the earth. I think this is true for many of us, and we are nearing or at that point in time when we deliver the payload. I don’t think it is stored in our body. I think it is held for us, and moves through when the moment is precisely right.
It’s as if we inform the earths evolution, shift and tune it to the needs of humanities future evolution on the earth. If we weren’t here, perhaps the evolutionary route the earth takes would be very different. We become participants in fashioning our own collective future, not in a selfish way, but in complete harmony with the balance of life on the planet. We become again, a conscious part of the weaving of life on this earth.
We have an Equinox coming mid week, and an eclipse season that looks like it’s going to be monumental. We are ready. I keep hearing that. We are ready. The fertilisation happens within us and through us.
Do you feel ready. It’s worth asking yourself that question. The readiness isn’t at the level of personality. There, we never feel ready.