A Stitch In Time.



In the past week, an impression that first arose maybe 10 years ago, has been recurring and strong. It is this.

Imagine existence as a vast, beautiful tapestry that has been cut in two and pulled apart. One side of the tapestry is the ‘time before’, the other, the ‘time now’. The gap between the two sections is what we have been living. Separation, density, lack, suffering.

Have you ever had the experience of engaging in deep healing on an issue, and coming out from under the spell of the wound, to a sense that the wound never existed at all. You can barely recall something that you know had a powerful impact on how you lived your life. Almost as soon as the pattern lifts out of your cell tissue, it starts to fade from memory.

As millions are letting go of their wounded state and coming back to the remembrance of themselves, humanity, as infinite and eternal, then the gap, the separation heals. It’s as if it never was.

We are in this process of stitching back together again the two sides of the tapestry of our existence. As we do this, the gap disappears. There is a divine tailor/seamstress working with us, a fine ¬† ¬†invisible mender, pulling the pieces together, pattern matching so we won’t even notice the join.

It’s just like waking from a bad dream. As real as the dream felt, once you sit up in bed, it becomes more and more difficult to grasp any recollections. You have to work really hard to pul them back into awareness.

This is how it is for us as individuals and as a collective. We have been on a mad, crazy adventure. A roller coaster of ridiculous highs and gut crunching lows. The ride is finishing, and we are beginning to exit the amusement park, the land of illusion where we have been deeply enthralled by the spectacle. And we have been totally enthralled. We had to believe completely what we were living. We had to experience separation as if it were fully and completely real, otherwise we could never have given ourselves to the experiment, not wholeheartedly.

The excursion we volunteered for has lasted maybe 13,000 years. But it is over. We are coming out the other side. The truth of our deep history, or maybe it is just the deep truth off our being, is emerging, rising up within us as we clear the debris of falsehood. The deep truth rising is meeting the inflowing streams of light emerging. Great rivers of energy coming in to our world from the cosmos, washing away structures and the architecture of the confusing matrix we have built. These colliding forces, uprising and incoming are creating a new reality, a new template of life on planet earth.

Now, we will find that truth is actually much more fully engrossing than the illusion we have feasted on. You may just be getting glimpses of this, or you may be well aware that you are fully engaged in stitching up the fabric of your reality, so that the gap never was.

We are being invited, in a teleconference gathering, to participate in a re-weaving of our personal and collective tapestry. A stitching together of the time before and the time now, hastening the healing, the coming to wholeness, of inner and outer landscapes. I’m not at all sure of the how, but that isn’t our concern. All we have to do is be willing and show up.


Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash