Actualising The Field of Grace.


It is time to live and ground The Field of Grace, in our lives and for the planet.

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I used to always wonder why such beautiful support, energy, assistance and healing were available to me in my personal life.
I led a very “unspiritual” life, one deeply committed to addiction, avoidance and resistance. And yet, all the way through, these shinning moments of staggering beauty were present. I would be flooded with light, drenched in clarity. I would be removed from sticky and sometimes dangerous situations.
I loved these moments, was always amazed and delighted by them. But I couldn’t really accept them for myself. It must have been a fluke, some cosmic accident I would tell myself. The energy must have landed in my field by mistake.
It was a big struggle for me. To accept that these Moments of Grace were really showing up to aid, support and heal me.
It wasn’t till I had cancer that I really began to allow this in. I was forced into a deep place of surrender by the co-creation of a
dis-ease process. This was a major turning point in my life.
I recognised this energy that showed up as Grace, and I was able to accept it.

More recently, I have come to understand that The Field of Grace is what we work with and what works with us in the teleconferences we do together. It works through me in the one to one work I offer too.
It is totally impersonal, and deeply personal at one and the same time. Cosmically intelligent, it will meet each of us exactly where we are, and move us forward, gently but insistently. It knows we showed up here at this time to participate in specific pieces if work, and it readies us for that.
I think the Grace is also the work we came to do.
Now, we are ready. Now it is ready.

So, on Sundays teleconference, we are working with the Field of Grace. It now wants to be present in us and as us, for us and through us. We will hold it for ourselves and the planet.
Its beautiful and exciting. we each become a Portal of Grace, and we hold that together as a planetary field too.
Of course many are already working with this. If you are there will be a huge amplification of that on Sunday. A much deeper, bigger anchoring of it at a very personal level.

It will facilitate major clearing and up-levelng shifts at a personal level, so that it can establish itself as you. We are meant to live grace filled lives. We are meant to demonstrate that.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash