Belatane Ministration. Balance, Renewal, Rebirth.



I recently underwent some powerful energetic unravelling and was feeling as if that needed to integrate, so wasn’t going to offer a teleconference this weekend. Sunday morning arrives and it’s a different story. It becomes obvious that there is energy work to be done for those that want to participate.

Due to the very late offering of this event, the timing will be a little different than usual. we will start a couple of hours later, at 8.00pm UK.

What I experienced over Friday night/Saturday morning was a very deep unfolding. The three energy centres of solar plexus, heart and throat were all unwrapped at some fundamental level. It was physically very painful, so much so that I though I was having a heart attack.

What I realise now, with a little space to reflect, is that there has been a very beautiful resolution of patterns of wounding. An unsheathing has occurred, and it was done for me. I participated, from a semi-conscious place but this was instigated from other dimensions. I think it is largely a result of the intense waves of transformation we are receiving almost constantly now. They bring us to a state of readiness, a point of rebirth and renewal.

Of course I hold a life intention of liberation, and have constantly worked toward that, but always, at key moments on my journey, I have experience major interventions. This felt like one of those. It has been made clear, over and over again, that what I experience, is available to the wider collective.

I feel now as if I have stepped out of some  major energetic constructs, ancient patterns of wounding. We will engage with this as a piece of collective energy work. I also know that if something is available to individuals, then it is also available collectively.

These major interventions are available now, shifting and lifting us into new realms of experience.

I don’t in any way wish to encourage the saviour mentality. The willingness to project out onto life the expectation that we will be rescued. That is not what this is about.

For those that are ready, and this is a deep state of inner readiness, not at a personality level, then help and support are always at hand.

It is time to shed the cloaks and garments of our entrenched human wounding and identification. We are aided in that. This enables us to be lifted into higher dimensions. Often it is a struggle for us to access the support available. We have great difficulty accepting it, believing it is there for us.

Well, it is. All of my life this type of intervention has happened, even when I was living my darkest years. It could be said that collectively we are in some of our darkest times. Miracles are available to the miracle minded among us.

As I meditated this morning, I was aware of a whole field of feminine energies, waiting to work with us.They are, in a sense, mid-wives, helping to bring us to birth. My experience the other night was akin to having the caul, the birth sac removed. It feels like the most beautiful renewal is available to us at this time.

The energies of Beltane support this and so we will work with these currents too, inviting them to deepen and intensify the work.