December Solstice 2022.



So, we are here, at the culmination point of energetic year. This is my favourite of the “big energy points. It’s the one I resonate with the most. Perhaps it is because in this time there is a particular alignment with the Galactic Centre, so the planet receives a massive influx of light from that Source.

At this time of year, the northern hemisphere is tilted to its furthest degree away from the sun. It is the southern hemispheres summer, and darkness reigns in the north. Traditionally this is the time of going within, hibernation, withdrawl for us northeners. The Solstice heralds a time when the energy encourages us to become very fluid as everything becomes molten. It as if the potency of energy liquidises everything, creating the ideal time to dissolve, let go of or refashion aspects of our lives and our creations.

These cosmic breathing points also remind us of the greater cycles we are involved in. The deep rhythm of the seasons is totally dependent on our relationship with the sun. I love how the solstice and equinox points punctuate our time and anchor us into these flows of energy. They remind us that “this too shall come to pass”.

Our ancestors marked these points as significant for the earth, and that can be felt if we pay attention.

So, as usual, I am offering a teleconference to be with the energies, to receive deeply for ourselves and for the planet. It will be over the actual time of the Solstice which this year is at 9.47 pm UK.. We will begin at 9.20pm to give ourselves plenty of time to settle into the field.

The recording will be a very useful one to listen to in the days after.  All of the potency of the live event is encoded into the replay which is sent out to all those who register.