Decompressed and Re-mapped. Natures Support System.


Very physical symptoms in the body are signalling a huge, deep release. There is much support from nature to help with this.



One of the experiences I’ve been having lately is of a very strong sense of pressure through the lower spine, coccyx and sacrum. This has been intense, painful in the sense that the nerves have been affected.

The other day, while lying on the beach, I was pulled quick and deep into the earth. I felt as if I was curled around the core of the earth, which was silver and nestled into my belly.

Whilst there, the sense of pressure grew stronger. I asked for help with it. Immediately there was the experience of infiltration, of light and growing lightness.

I felt my spine begin to decompress. As I watched, I felt myself shift between personal and collective worlds. I saw the vast layers of compression that our infinitely sensitive nervous systems and energy fields have been under for many thousands of years. I have seen this, talked about this before, many times, I have never experienced it in this way. So profoundly, so clearly.

I was on the beach for maybe 45 mins, and certainly noticed significant relief in my lower spine

The next day, whilst receiving a healing, the release continued. I shivered uncontrollably, as frozen inner spaces opened up. The decompression that started on the beach, continued and went much deeper.

I felt I was in a huge battle, unable and unwilling to admit or experience weakness or vulnerability. A desperate need to be right, to be in control, in power.I recognised these as personal traits, all totally appropriate to my current situation, but also existing in much deeper planes than the personal. I felt I was witnessing the death of enormous patriarchal structures. It was shocking, and liberating.

Afterward I was exhausted, and felt very deeply depressed and bruised in every cell. A huge reaction for me. Im very used to processing big energies through mymsystem, but this was on a scale that was very unusual.

The next day, after 12 hrs sleep, I felt totally different. I understood that collective trauma fields are giving way now, deep in our system. It plays out as madness on the surface of the planet, but the compression we have experienced for thousands of years is coming to an end.

Today, as I sat in the sun, with my feet on the roots of a large oak tree, I was again pulled into the earth. This time, I became aware that nature truly has the answers. The oak tree, with its vast root and branch network extending around it, helped to remind the branching network of my nervous system how to shake off and release the imprints of decompression. All the ways we have had to close ourselves down in order to survive.

It was so beautiful, so simple, so expansive to be held in the field of the tree beings, and have them help my system to unfold. It was so beautifully dovetailing with my previous experience.

I think this is what we are going through asa collective.
I think we could do this on a teleconference. It would be a powerful piece of energy work to do this as a group, to connect deeply with the earth and move into decompression states, then work with the tree being and receive their support in the expansion phase of the experience. As I write, he tree beings are signalling their willingness to help.

This will have an impact for anyone feeling spinal or head pressure, or weird sense of not being able to get out of the swamp of whatever it is that is processing through the collective. Its a very physical release, but operates at very deep levels throughout the field.

It has certainly left me feeling very different.