Expansion of the Toroidal Field.



Please note, U.S. clocks have sprung forward. Not in Europe yet, so our time difference has shrunk by an hour.


It’s been a very busy week, with a huge amount happening.  A few days ago, I was invited (instructed) to participate in a very quiet gathering to witness the final death of the old world energy, the structure underpinning the corrupt, outgoing patriarchal pattern that has governed the world for thousands of years.

Since then, there has been another big jump in frequency and speed of transformation. So much has been unfolding that I wasn’t sure to offer an event this weekend. On waking this morning, it was clear that something wanted to unfold. So, apologies for the short notice on this one.

The new frequencies and buoyancy available means that a lot of old stuff previously under wraps all of a sudden pops up into awareness for clearing and resolution.

What it also means is that the new levels of light are expanding everything. we are no longer contained in any way, other than by what we choose to hold on to. Resolution is rapid now.

One of the things made clear to me during the past week is that we are in a planetary and personal “emptying out phase”. The rate of dismantling and transformation is going to be very fast. Stability will not be available in the outer world. New depths and levels of stability, connection and purpose are unfolding in our inner landscapes.

We need to attend to the emptying out at a personal level. Give ourselves to it. its very simple now. Doing it on your own or in groups, large or small. It all works very easily as there is no drag any more. Everything is flowing in the direction of positive change and wholeness. That isn’t fully apparent in the outer world, but will be by the end of the year.

On this teleconference, we pay attention to the receptor cells in our system to invite a powerful letting go of whatever structures, institutions, people, ideas, beliefs we may still be unconsciously plugged into and feeding. This is happening for everyone, but doing it collectively and consciously will have an impact. It is important for personal sovereignty, and as we withdraw our cellular support for the old world, we hasten its collapse, and save ourselves a lot of energy which then becomes available for transformation and creative endeavours.

We are expanding rapidly. The demise of the old world means that levels of compression we weren’t even aware of, are unfolding from deep within. This is the longstanding compaction we have undergone and maintained as a byproduct of living in extreme density. We have made ourselves very small, like a piece of foam compressed into a tiny space. Now we are free to return to our normal expansiveness. This will take a little time. It’s a collective process, and, as always, our personal rate of moving back into our expanded nature impacts beneficially the whole.

What I have become aware of over the past few days, is that both our soul and earth star, two major energy points underneath and above, are both ready to unlock another level of their potential, our potential. This means that the whole torus of our field is ready to expand.  As this expansion takes place, there will, of course, be another wave of deep decompression within.

We are ready to take up more space. As more and more of us give up feeding the old mechanisms of control, both within and without, and stand in the space that is ours, the balance of power on the planet shifts from the old ways of power over, to power within, and support for all. Its a truly exciting phase we are in.

One last thing we will look at is the sacrum. I have long been aware of this as a key time locked aspect of our anatomy. Just this morning, I found it opening up in a way Ive not experienced before. As I explored it, I heard the words, “Hall of Records”.  We are going to explore this beautiful bone at the base of the spine, as just that, our own personal “Hall of Records”, and see what wants to be revealed for each of us.

As always, it’s useful to remember that everything I am writing about here can be accessed on your own, with your higher self and guides. It doesn’t need me or anyone else to guide you through it. It can certainly feel powerful and supportive to do this in a group, and that is what I offer.