Energetic Sacred Activism. Focus on the weather.



The Field that builds on the teleconferences that I offer is very much a working field. It is also an experimental field. Those non-physical beings that work with us used he opportunity of groups of people coming together as a way to experiment, to try out new ways to support us.

I have been aware for years of the potential power of collective fields of energy, and how they might be harnessed and focused to effect change. The power of collective consciousness is being used now to manipulate and coerce populations into giving up free will.

It is time for us to step into power in a new way. This is about aligning with highest intent and maintaining an open heart. The experimental mind-set is very useful here, as we are simply coming together to see what might arise and unfold.

What is important with this approach is to ensure you are not in a polarised state. This is not oppositional, it is experimental. This is not a place to bring anger at the state of the planet. The ability to access and hold neutrality is vital.

We will be working with strong, powerful energies. Surrendering personal will and stepping out of the way to allow these energies to flow through you will be the initial focus of our coming together. You can think of it as a training in a sense. I recognise that training process is very active in my life. Over many years,  I have been prepared if you like. I think in a very real sense, we all have. The training to show up on the planet now, at this time has gone on over many lifetimes.

So, we will begin slowly and quietly, with a focus on the weather systems of the planet. I have seen for a long time that there is increasing manipulation of weather patterns at many levels. literally, the beings that organise the weather on and around the planet have their hands tied and can’t operate to balance things out in the way they would normally.

We will come together to co-create and offer a field of support to those beings. As I mentioned earlier, we will not be creating fields of opposition to anyone or thing. Time will be spent initially in preparation, alignment, releasing opinion and polarity, entering into states of neutrality. This preparation is important. It is a training.

There are teams of beings wanting to help, from  many different dimensions. There are many ways in which support can be given. it does usually require physical bodies showing up to offer themselves as vehicles of that support.

You would be wise take time to consider whether this is something you want to engage with. I know that this might well open me to criticism. “Who the hell does he think he is.?” “How would he know what the planet needs?”

As I said, this is an experiment. I don’t claim to know what the planet needs, or have any particular insight into how things need to unfold. I do know that I respond to promptings from my team, and this has been nudging into awareness for some time. I have been sidestepping it, avoiding it as it felt like a big step.

Now, it doesn’t. It simply feels like the next step. Life has conspired to ensure that I cant avoid it any longer.

I know many of you feel you have been prepared for some action, without knowing what it is. Maybe it is this. Sacred Activism on the energetic planes.

Take time to feel into wether you are called to this. If so, I’ll be delighted to have you join me in what maty be the first of new way of working.