Focus on What You Want; Accessing Truth Within.


Now is a time when external truth is difficult to decipher. Inner truth though is emerging more strongly than ever. Take time to listen.


Can you feel the acceleration that is happening?
Our power to create and manifest has amplified over the past few days. More and more of the veil of separation falls away. This is largely disguised by our current situation. If you’re not looking for it, you might miss it. So spend time looking. Spend time in quietness and meditation. Contemplate the astounding energies unfolding at this time, and don’t get caught in the trap of drama. It’s oh so easy to spend hours watching news coverage, and trawling internet sites for the latest conspiracy theories about what, why, when.
It is for the most part a waste of time. There is a vast amount of multi layered information out there. Pursuing it can become totally addictive.
We may never know the truth of what is unfolding. It is so convoluted.  And there is so much nonsense being spewed forth from all sides.  It’s easy to find what you want, in order to support your position.
We are being asked to give up positions.
There is a truth unfolding for you in every second of every day. it unfolds from within. The guidance it offers is probably not about who did what to whom. It’s more likely to focus on your personal well being. What you can do in the next moments and hours to directly improve the quality of your life.
This level of truth is vital now, and is easier to access than ever.
So if you find yourself spending hours on line, or watching the t.v., try pulling yourself out of the addictive cycle. Be clear on what is you want to live and create. If what you want to be living is the polarised state, then focus on conspiracy theories, politics and the virus.
If, however, you want to live Unity, Oneness, Peace then focus internally, underneath all of the noise, drama and anxiety. Focus into the core of the earth. Focus on the energies emanating from the sun. Focus into dimensions deeper than the body, and higher than your emotional and mental worlds.

Many of us incarnated for these times. There are exrodinary energies waiting for us to connect with them, waiting for us to receive them so they can be woven into the fabric of the earth reality.  This is what we are here to do.

Photo by Thomas Chan on Unsplash