Jet Propelled Evolution.



I don’t know quite where to begin with this piece. Such a lot is going on.

Last Sunday, I offered a free Goddess and The Dragon teleconference. The teleconference had its genesis back in October of 2019. Then, over 4 years ago, I sat in the crypt of St Brides Church on Fleet St, in London and had a powerful experience of witnessing the coming together of primordial forces, the Divine Feminine, and Dragon energy, deep in the earth. I felt I was experiencing the seed point of a new world.
Now those primordial forces are meeting in us.

On Monday, I was travelling to London and felt pulled to go to the Crypt of St Brides again. On the train, I experienced something surprising. Meditating, there was a significant clearing through my solar plexus. As this finished, I was aware of a hard lump, deeply buried. I was a little exasperated at more clearing, and asked, what is this?

“You have long felt there was something buried in your Solar Plexus, waiting to emerge. This is is it. “

As I watched, a large egg rose into view from deep in my Solar Plexus and began to crack open. What emerged was a small dragon. I wasn’t at all sure that this was appropriate. Should this be there? As I questioned, I heard,

“It is the birth of the Dragon Self.”

In London, I headed off to the The Crypt of St Brides with a friend. We sat deep underneath the church and meditated. I quickly felt that my base was blocked. Dropping down to check I saw that it wasn’t, energy was flowing. Then, I saw the base chakra from above, a quatrefoil image, just like the one I’ve used here. As I watched, a small point opened up in each of the petals. Large amounts of energy were propelled through these small points. It reminded me of a jet engine firing up. Immediately I felt the energy rise strongly into my system. It moved up through the central channel and underneath each of the chakras, opening a deeper dimension of them as it flowed. My whole body became warm and highly energised.
I have been saying for years that deeper dimensions of us are emerging. It is happening quickly. Primordial forces within us, the Deep Feminine rising powerfully from the earth, meeting the Spirit of the Dragon within us. These energies have been pinned and sealed away are now opening and flowing. We are emerging into a new phase of co-creatorship. All oof this taking place as we shift into the Age of Aquarius, and Chinese Year of The Dragon, held within a field of current massive Solar Intensity.                                 Anyone would think it had been scripted.

We are working with these energies on this teleconference. We will hold space for the emergence of our Dragon Self. That can’t be forced. It will happen if and when we are ready, but we are ready. We will invite the opening of these jet propelled energies in the base, and guide them through our system, to meet whatever is emerging.We will work with the solar energies pushing us to evolve, integrating them into our system rather than feeling bombarded by them .

Circuitry that has lain dormant in our system for thousands of years is now starting to come online. It feels to me like we are opening up long hidden inner rooms, and flipping on the light switches to see the vast space that we are.