Opening The Heart Star Bridge.



Sometimes I take the work I do for granted, and then I participate in a session of energy work with a client that totally reminds me of the magic, grace and beauty of what we are about. Thats just happened. A piece of energy work unfolded in a clients system that blew me away. In fact it was several major piece all seamlessly dovetailing and integrating in a way that heralds our readiness to take a major step forward.

It began simply enough. Coiled in the gut was a dragon, following the lines and loops of the digestive tract itself. This dragon alerted me that this was a powerful piece of integration. An activation of Dragon Energy. As it uncoiled itself to take up more space, the pelvis opened to receive the beautiful flow of energy rising from the earth.

As this flow stabilised, the whole of the spine lit up. I found I was looking at the skull of the client from behind. The bones dissolved and I watched a bright line of light run slowly up from the neck, over the folds brain. As it headed toward the brains crest,  a beautiful spiral pattern was traced. It was like watching a maze outlined in tiny bright diamonds. This allowed a much fuller opening of the crown and a stronger, wider down flow of light.

Then we shifted to the heart. There was a powerful activation Cosmic Genetics by the Lion Heads, and we were pulled deep into inner dimensions of the heart field. Something I have never seen before in a session of energy work began to unfold. It was like watching a scene out of Star Trek. We were on the bridge of a star ship, only it was deep inside the heart. I was aware that this place facillitates deep communion with our Star Families. In affect with our Cosmic Selves. We opened a Star Bridge in the heart. It’s always been there, compressed, hidden. Now it’s ready to open for the collective.

You may have heard me talking about us being the meeting point, literally the marriage of heaven and earth. This is it. In this deep point in the heart, the heart Star Bridge, there is a profound, even holy meeting. We are now ready to experience this. It is happening. I’m aware that the field we co-create is an experimental field. Things are tried out to see how they will land. This isn’t an experiment. This is what we have come for. To remember ourselves as the total unification of heaven and earth. Another way of saying it is that we are the integration of Masculine and Feminine principals.

It’s always important to remember that these changes are organic. we are remembering what we are. I am not inducing these changes. They can and will happen to you and for you if you are available to them. Ask your team. You don’t need to work with me or anyone else to activate these shifts. For some they will already have happened. I offer a piece of group energy work which will anchor them in the collective field, helping speed the process of integration at a collective level. In that way, it can be said, we are operating slightly ahead of the curve.

There are of course, other elements to be included in this piece. Some significant scene setting  aspects need to be worked with. I’ll write about those soon. This means that the session will be an intense piece of energy work. I’ve been shown that it will need to take place over a longer time. An initial phase, a slight break with time for Q and A and comments, then the next phase. Something link 90-100 mins. It will be in effect a mini workshop. For that reason it will be charged at a slightly higher rate.