The 12/12 Gateway, 2022



The energetic gateway that opens on the 12th December, and runs through and beyond the Solstice on the 21st is yet another huge opportunity to accelerate growth. It can be useful to mark it by coming together and preparing our selves, offering ourselves to the energies for the deepest levels of transformation possible.

The “formal” offering of ourselves to a gateway of transformation deepens the experience. We become active, conscious participants, fully engaged in the process rather than bystanders dragged along for the ride.

With this portal, we are working deeply with the heart, and now we find ourselves with the possibility of the personal field becoming the heart field. This simply means that the heart is the dominant frequency in our field. Its energy is anchored in both the earth star beneath our feet and the soul star above our head. This will then extend to the heart of the earth and sun. This is an alchemical process that, over time, transforms the matter of the body and the structure of the field. We are permanently changed, restructured.

This gateway is a manifestation portal. Actually, we are that portal, in the process of a deeper activation into our true potential as co-creators. We surrender personal wants to the wisdom of the heart, trusting deeply that the heart manifests what we need rather than what the personality desires. It’s not an immediate fix. It takes practice and dedication as with all things that are truly life changing. We continue to turn ourselves over to the wisdom of the heart, knowing that little by little we come into stronger alignment.

This is very personal work, deeply affecting. It is also very much planetary work. Creating heart fields across the planet that act as temples of clearing, transmutation and transformation. We have done this in our deep history, we are now, through technology, doing it again.

I hope you’ll join me for what I think will be a beautiful, powerful piece of work.
As always, this event will be recorded. The recording will be sent out to everyone that registers. It will be a useful listen  not just on 12/12 but through the whole of this gateway.

Much love,
David x