The Animal Kingdom Lends its Support.



So much is taking place at very deep levels of our being. As we continue our collective dismantling the cosmic energies are pushing into the very foundation of our being. Support is always at hand. Massive support. It is truly important to access this support. Allow it in. It is all around us. Sometimes more obvious than others. Often I talk of the huge support available through simply leaning against a tree, or lying on the earth. Literally, the simplest of actions can allow nature to remind us we are not alone, there is purpose to what we experience. Healing flows and patterns we hold onto are dismantled more smoothly.

At the extraordinary depths into which the energies are flowing there is much being done to set us free. These greater freedoms can feel de-stabilising. We don’t know who we are as the moorings of thousands of years dissolve.We are no longer mired in collective beliefs and tethered to slow, low frequency anchors. It’s strange. Disorienting. You may feel unbalanced, dizzy, insecure, depressed. Or you may be feeling surges of joy and massive relief and excitement as the binding constructs of thousands of years fall apart. There is no return to how it was, so the only option is to push onward, into the unknown, knowing that we are supported and guided in our endeavours, even if it feels we are in a sandstorm and can’t see our next steps.

Over the past few days, the animal kingdom has shown up to offer its support. Whales, elephants, dolphins, bears Lions have come into energy sessions. The mythical realms, Unicorns and dragons have showed up for working in landscapes. Always the animals have been wonderfully generous with with us. They are willing to nudge into our energy field to remind our system of some strength it forgot it possessed, or help re-surface a buried quality.

Now they come in en masse to reming the whole of the human world of our interconnectedness with all life. They come to remind us, as we dismantle the illusion of separation we have been wrapped in, that we are all in this together, This vast experiment in consciousness on Planet Earth. We forgot the, decided to separate out. Now that is over and we return to ancient family structures that we have buried deep. These include our fundamental connection with the natural world. The animal and planet kingdoms are our relatives. They have looked on in confusion at our forgetting the intimate connection we have with all of life. Now they welcome our remembering and return, helping to lift the cloaks of forgetting.

As I sat to meditate this morning before writing, I was shown that all of the fields of karma we have created with the natural world are being lifted and dissolved now. It is an amazing act of grace and generosity, this beautiful purification. Of course, we look around and see the brutal destruction of the natural world that is still unfolding. Each of us has free will. It is quite possible to wrap yourself ever more tightly in illusion, even as illusions are dissolving.As the fields of karmic binding fall away for many of us, it enables us to hold space for the wanton destruction, and help bring it to rest more swiftly. This seems like a dream. It is what I am being shown.

The key element in all of this is the heart field. Everything is unfolding in the heart field. If none of what I write about makes any sense, or holds no resonance, all that you need do is hold the heart field as wide as as you can. This opens unbelievable doorways and makes all manner of things possible. It is the biggest field of support available. The human heart dissolves and expands rapidly in the Universal Heart Field.

We will begin there in this piece of energy work. Then we invite the support of the Animal Kingdom in to the established heart field. We will tangibly experience the release of personal and collective karma with the natural world. We will be woven back into the tapestry of life. Not that we ever left, but this looks like something of a formal ceremony. It is a beautiful offering, not of my making. A momentous time. Join me in receiving it, for yourself and the wider collective.