The Fear Broadcast; Its Antidote. A Free Offering


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The other night I went to bed anxious and full of fear. I woke early the next morning feeling angry. As I lay in bed, feeling into the emotion, and a sense of powerlessness, I was asking,

  “What? What are we going to do? How are we going to get out of this mess?”

Later in the morning, sitting with a client for one to one energy work, an answer was shown.

This client is someone that books sessions on a regular basis. Often the energy work that happens with her is indicative of something happening in the collective. 

As we worked, I was pulled up the central energetic column of her system, drawn out into space. I reached a point where I became aware of a battery of television screens, all directed inward toward her sushumna, the central energetic column.

I knew that this was indicating a broadcast, and was I tuned into it, I realised the broadcast was fear. 

As always, I don’t do anything, simply watch, sometimes ask what wants to happen. As I held space, awareness was drawn out into the field of the broadcast. It was planetary wide. It started to dismantle from around her energy system, and I watched as the whole of the sushumna cleared. As soon as this happened, a new, very fine, high frequency flowed down the column of light, and settled into the heart. This fine, high frequency was hindered in integrating by the “Fear Broadcast”, but as soon asc space was made it swept into her energy system, clearing, lightening and activating. 

Deep in the heart space it activated spinnerets in her heart. From these, super fine strands of  energy started to spin out into reality. It was just like watching the fine, strong silk spun by a spider in order to create its web.

As I watched the super fine strands of light energy from the spinneret’s spun themselves out into the world. I was aware that this is the antidote to the fear broadcast. It is to allow these very high frequency energies to create reality through us. To recognise we are architects and creator beings. We are not victims of our reality, our world unless we make it so.

I often think that I am not doing enough, should be doing more to make a difference in the world. In my mind, still, my doing something means taking action at a physical level. Demonstrating, resisting, fighting. I have been told over and over that that is not what I am here to do, that my focus is to help build the new world in the energetic realms. This is a difficult lesson for me to learn. Perhaps for many of us.

We are programmed to believe that action out in the world is the most important thing we can do. Yet energy comes before matter. Working in the energetic worlds often negates the need for action, or makes the action much easier. I think we as a race are largely programmed into the belief that doing has more value than being and so we have become unbalanced.

It is really important for us now to be aware of fear as a frequency, that is a strong and pervasive energy on the planet. Check yourself regularly as to what is impacting your thinking. Where are you in your mind. On this teleconference we will pay attention to the broadcast of fear and dismantle it in our fields and see if a gathering of us can impact it for the planet.

We will then open to these very high frequency energies available to us sand integrate them, inviting the activation of deeper capacities to spin new worlds into being.

My sense is that what I was seeing is very much a part of the Solstice Activation, and this piece of energy work will be a preparation for the actual Solstice itself.