There Is A Plan.



Over the New Years event, one of the most memorable aspects that unfolded for me was this very clear demonstration that there is a plan. Although everything feels chaotic and unsettling there is a Divine Plan that is playing out in perfect timing and with perfect order.

This can be hard to believe, difficult to accept, and yet, you can feel into the truth of it. Everything, from the newest leaves unfurling to the sunrising  and moon setting, from volcanoes spewing  and tornadoes spinning is in Divine Order.

This time that we find ourselves in is one of those times when many millions recognise the futility of resistance and surrender becomes the only option. Not surrender when all is perfected, when all your boxes are ticked and ducks in a row. Surrender as you are, where you are. Messy or beautiful, it doesn’t matter.

The Plan includes you, all of you, and everything else too. Nothing is left out. There is a place and a purpose for everything. All of the things that piss you off, whatever it is you are most disgusted by or afraid of. That’s included too.

Over the New Years event, I was shown how The Plan works, or at least a very simplified version that I could comprehend.

We know that there is a very deep and powerful resonance between our Sun and the Earth. The whole Solar System is bathed in and held within the field of the Sun. This great being, some call it Solaris, or Sol, that has been worshipped by our ancestors for many thousands of years, is the centre point, the point around which we revolve. It is the local point of outflow of Universal intelligent, wisdom, love, grace, light. It is indeed mapped and connected to all other suns and the Galactic and Universal Centres.  Wisdom flows from those vast centres through our sun and we are bathed in those frequencies.

Everyone is feeling the major upsurge of energy and encoded light flowing through the sun. It is palpable. If I focus into the sun I experience a crystalline liquid light, plasma, that flows in an endless stream. Not just our planet, but the whole solar system and beyond is receiving these codes and upgrades.

This flowing light embodies The Plan and informs and stimulates the earth, and all life. There is a potent, solar stream of energy flowing from the heart of the sun to the heart of the earth and back. A huge interplay of energies and information, ensuring the earth gets exactly what she needs from the sun.

Now we are reaching another stage in the flowering of The Plan. There is a blossoming happening within the earth. and unfolding of fields of energy. Things are about to get very interesting.

This could be seen as scary. It is time to allow yourself and all aspects of your life to be totally enfolded by The Plan., The bigger plan of Planetary unfolding holds all the details of your personal unfolding. Can you trust Universal wisdom to take account of all of your valid concerns and needs and to hold you in its embrace.

This is what is on offer now. It’s always been available but now, there is some urgency, a sense of pressure about this. It’s really time to give up the struggle, the fight, the resistance. Let go of the worry about the current situation on the planet or anything else, and trust that this is all apart of the plan too.

On this teleconference we will explore the energies of The Bigger Plan and find a very simple way to allow ourselves and the plan for our own life to be held by that Bigger Plan. It is already, but consciously participating in that process helps us to relax and receive at a deeper level.