Choosing Your Reality Wisely

The other night, I was deeply absorbed in some work. I was engaged in a different reality. As I emerged from it, I had the momentary experience of seeing clearly the reality overlay we are currently dealing with.
It is largely manufactured. An organised, hyped system generating massive amounts of fear.
I don’t in anyway mean to infer that there is no virus, or that people aren’t dying. This is a serious situation for those in high risk groups, and if that is you, do what you need to in order to take care of yourself.
But the level of fear and panic generated by a structured system of manipulation has created its own reality overlay that is sticky and addictive.
It literally has energetic strands that have woven their way into every area of our world, lives and bodies in a very short space of time. 
It has been said many times that fear is the highly infectious virus we need to protect ourselves from more than any other. Fear of a virus massively primes the immune system and I believe amplifies the inflammatory response in the body. It is this extended inflammatory response in the lungs that is having seriously damaging impacts. 
Chose your reality very consciously and wisely now. Nature as always is one of our greatest allies. Spend time in and with that reality. It supports physical health and sanity.
 Trust your body. Communicate with it. Talk with it. Try not to subject it to huge doses of the chemicals and hormones of stress and fear. Recognise even in the elderly there is a very low death rate, and for most this will be a mild illness. 
There are much bigger energetic realities opening now. They are just under the surface of conscious awareness. They are expansive and joy filled. Spend time there, exploring them. They will be of the most amazing support.
Don’t be distracted now from what is truly important in your lives. Yes, take care of yourself and your loved ones at a physical level. Look around to see who in your community needs support. But look to your inner life for your true sustenance. 
Use this time to explore your belief systems. Dismantle fear based programmes. Pull them up from your subconscious and dissolve them in the light of full awareness.
We get to create our realities now. To really put into practice all that we have been training for. Don’t simply accept the consensus reality being generated for and by the collective. This is what sovereignty is about. Creating your reality, and living from that truth. You don’t have to convince anyone, save or convert anyone, just demonstrate it. Be it. Emanate it. 
Times like these have been long prophesied. Those without a centre, who are totally externally focused are going to find this very challenging. Many of us have been prepared, have trained and processed and meditated so that we could hold a centre in these times. We are going to find it challenging too.We re just at the beginning of this. It has a long, long way to run.
So chose your reality wisely now. Nothing could be more important. 
We will work deeply with this awareness and these energies on my upcoming Equinox Teleconference taking place over the time of the Equinox. Thats 3.20 am UK start time on the morning of Friday 20th March. Thursday night for USA. It’s the middle of the night for Europe, and late for East Coast. As always, the recording will be available immediately, and be a really useful tool over the following days. 
The Equinox energies are amplifying our experience. They will be a massive help in activating your potential to create beautifully. 

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