Disaster Timelines: No Thanks

As I woke this morning, I felt that everything has changed. It seems to me that collectively we have nibbled at a big fat disaster timeline. We have been encouraged by media, Governments and disaster theorists to rush headlong into fear and lock into that timeline scenario.
And then, all of a sudden we decide, collectively, “No thank you, we’re not doing that.”

I feel as if a magical choice has been made. A choice for regeneration. 
I’m sure there is a virus, think I might have personally experienced it, but most are operating at too high a frequency to fall to it. It’s that simple. 
There may well be dastardly plots to keep us in lock down. I don’t think anything is going to work. And it is probably important for as many of us to be in enforced rest as is possible now, simply to get a bit quieter than usual and receive the encoded frequencies that are streaming ALL THE TIME.

The frequencies from the sun are phenomenal now. In December we were working with the Ankh, the symbol of Life, Regeneration and Immortality. We were given a head start.
Today as I sat I was very aware of the sun’s energy as that, immortality. More to the point, we are ready to receive it as a wider collective.
We are ready to take it in deep and have it unlock secrets buried within this biological supercomputer we wear.
Beautifully orchestrated that the pollution levels of the planet fall now, like a curtain being drawn back so we see and feel the intensity and beauty that is available energetically. 

The image above is of Nefertiti and Akhenaten bathing in the rays of the sun, some of which have the Ankh at the end. We are being shown the the light of the sun is embeded with the codes of immortality. Receive them now. 

The Earth too is emitting phenomenal frequencies and we, well we are the bridge. The Bridge between Heaven and Earth.
That is us. Eternal, Immortal Beings living inside a Quantum Computer we know as the body, which is encoded with the genetic information of every living thing on the planet, maybe the Universe. 
We are about to embark on a journey of adventure, learning how to unlock and operate this Quantum Computer from the inside out.
It’s awesome. 
Well Done

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