Giving Up Ownership

A few years ago, I was working with a friend in the garden of her new home. We were inviting balancing energies to flow through us into the space to create greater harmony. As we worked, I became aware of the overall energy of the garden. It was somewhat separated, carved out of the earth. As soon as this perception landed, I was asked if I would return ownership of the plot of land to the earth. 
 I asked my friend if she was happy to give up any sense of owning the land. She was, and as we did  this I watched as the small plot settled itself back into the wholeness of the Earth Field. 
Immediately I understood and was amazed at the impact we have on the planet when we claim something as ours. We do it with land, houses, animals, our bodies, other people, and also with wounds, illnesses, identities, roles, traits and abilities, genetics……..
Whenever we claim something as ours, take ownership of it, we energetically ring-fence it. This serves to somewhat separate whatever we are claiming from the unified field. We then have an attachment to the object, person, property or animal. We become responsible for it, and the object of our desire sits in our field as weight, density. 
It’s ludicrous to believe we own land, animals, other humans, or even our bodies. Everything is on loan. A gift for us to experience the richness and of life, but not to own.
We can literally be weighted down by the things we believe we posses. It becomes true that these things posses us. Often we bolster our identity with things, believing the more I posses, the better, stronger, tougher, richer I am.
Taken to its utmost, it moves into slavery and dictatorship. This sense of ownership creates entitlement. The idea that it’s my right to treat others, animals, the earth with completely disregard for their true welfare. Everything becomes commoditised. 
Often our relationships with people are governed by levels of dependency. We anchor ourselves into the bodies and energy fields of others, often in order to control or be controlled, or take energy and sustenance.
When it comes to our bodies, well we are in partnership with this wise animal, but in truth it is a being of the Earth, and will return o the earth when we are done. Owning the body helps to disconnect it from the life giving earth fields, and anchors in traits, issues, illnesses, patterns that could flow through much more easily if we loosen our grip.
All of this limits how the universe flows through us. It distorts massively the free flow of energy through our lives, stifles creativity, and of course creates fear of loss, that someone is going to take what is mine. We go to war to defend what is ours. we carve up the earth into territories that are ruled and owned and get lost in the politics of possession, believing in lack rather than abundance, fear rather than generosity. 

Giving up ownership does not mean giving up investment in your life, your home, your jobs and roles. It simply means holding all of these things lightly. We make space for change which can then happen more smoothly. Input can come from many sources, help and support are easily received and we are able to let go at the right time, rather than cling to something that is no longer meant for us. In this dynamic we recognise ourselves as part of the perpetual dynamic flow of life. Everything can flow through us without us holding tight.

Of course this can be challenging, but we are in times of simplification. Everything superfluous is being stripped out. It might be time to take a really good inventory, checking what you are holding on to and why. It could be useful to try giving the home you live in, or the land you live on back to the earth so natural harmony can be restored.
Underneath all the identities we have crafted, we are simply energy. Lightening the load of ownership and possession helps us now to remember that, experience that.
Give it a go.
I’ve created a meditation to help with this. It’s available on this link.

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