Re-wired For A New Age

I’m always intrigued by the process I’m engaged in. There has been a “softly softly” approach with this suggestion that the spine could do with some support. I felt the very gentle nudge in that direction and understood that was a really useful, timely piece of work that we could address. 
It still takes me quite a while to get my act together and offer something on this. 
As soon as I do, action stations. My spine goes into spasm, with huge tension through the shoulders, back of the heart, diaphragm. I feel somewhat physically collapsed and compromised. 
I recognise that this is preparation. This sort of thing happens frequently. I now know that it is useful to pay attention to the preparation as there are clues and information available as to what we are looking at. 
As I sit and get quiet, focusing on the spine, immediately my awareness is pulled up, above the body. There is the fleeting impression of a hawk with the solar disc hovering above my head. I know instinctively that this is what we are being prepared for. 
My awareness comes back into the body and I start to feel how pain-full the tension is. A deep ache, with much grief and exhaustion associated. The spine starts to activate, and I begin to see two spines, one in front of the other. One is like a rusty old railroad track, the other new a shiny but a little submerged. 
I hear,
“You are being rewired for a new age.” 
As this lands, a lot of the grief starts to move. I understand this feeling isn’t fixed around and person or event. It is more the grief at the massive disconnect we underwent in order to have our experience of density. 
The deep tension begins to shift, and I have flashes of a slave wearing a harness, to which are attached chains. He is pulling huge stones up a hill. I briefly feel his overwhelming exhaustion and despair. 

The sense of the solar disc strengthens and starts to flow downward into my system. It’s like the sweetest water flowing in a parched desert. My system drinks it in.

The old wiring, the way we have been configured is simply not appropriate for where we are going. It’s being undone and moved from our system so a more original architecture emerges. It’s not new. Rather we experienced an overlay of wiring to get us through the times we are moving out of. Now we can let go of the energetic harness we have been locked into.

As the old wiring is dismantled and released from our system, many are feeling the strange, in between phase as a huge sense disconnect. For me it showed up as a feeling of floating through my life, as if my field were vast and spread across a huge distance. We truly are in the early stages of building the new world. it happens inside us, as us. We are the new world building, the new earth rising. It is us.

As always, what is on offer, softly suggested originally as a bit of support for the spine, is a much bigger piece of energy work than I was originally aware of. 

I hope you’ll consider joining me for this teleconference where we focus on the Spine, sacrum and coccyx. I think it’s going to be a beautiful way to start 2020.

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