The Circuitry of Immortality

The introduction of The Ankh into the collective field by the Lion Headed Beings was a huge surprise, but one that has been prepared for. 
Quite simply, it is time for us to remember ourselves as immortal. There is a circuitry that was disconnected as a part of The Fall. There have successive waves of this disconnect, taking us ever deeper into density. Now, the Circuitry of Immortality is ready to be rewired. We are ready to remember ourselves as The Immortal Ones, the ones we have longed for, preyed for, hoped for…… was us all along. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We knew that. Always. 

What this means is that, as a part of The Fall, we locked ourselves down into lower dimensions of our energy field, disconnecting from our higher dimensional aspects and identities. Who and what we are in those higher dimensions of reality is usually very different from the personality and body we wear in this version of reality. 
Now, as we start to reintegrate and activate the Circuitry of Immortality, we begin to remember ad experience ourselves as those other, higher dimensional aspects that we have been all along. Ultimately, I guess, we identify with nothing because we know ourselves as everything.

Our religions have fed us the lie that immortality is something to be earned, or can be accessed through certain prayers or behaviours. 
It is what we are. It’s never gone anywhere. we just pretended to be separate from it for a while.

Now I understand why there was such a push to integrate up to dimension 9 before the Solstice. That Cosmic Trigger Point is the activation of The Circuitry of Immortality. 

Please don’t think for one minute that I am the only one doing this work. There are many people, and many ways in which this can be accomplished. On your own or with others, doesn’t matter. 
What we do on the teleconferences is build a field of intelligence, a frequency space that holds intelligence, and makes it available to whoever is seeking its resonance. They may not even know what it is they are seeking, but it is held more available in the wider field by the fact that we, and others will have done this work.

So, Sundays teleconference will be another exploration, a bit deeper this time of the energy of The Ankh. We will work with the crystals first to prepare our field, and then invite, or receive the energies of this powerful symbol. There may well be a few surprises on the way. I never quite know what is coming. 

The full activation of what I’m calling the The Circuitry of Immortality will be on the December Solstice, as we receive maximum input from the Galactic and Universal Centres.
We have been locked into very small cage like structures in our fields for many lifetimes now. Its time for the frequency fences to dissolve. As they dissolve in a significant number of us individuals on the planet, then they will also dissolve form around the planet. We will come to know ourselves as immortal again. Not just at an intellectual level, but at the level of deep circuitry that we are. 
This, as usual, is a subtle but profound shift, and may take a while for the wider collective to integrate. 

We are The Ankh if you like, in physical form. It is not a symbol unique to this planet. Im sure of that. Its a Universal Symbol that reinstates our Universality at the level of wiring. We are ready for this as a collective once again.
It is shifts like this, that are incomprehensible to the intellect but that change everything. We step out of the framework of limitation that was both a choice and an imposition, and step back into the awareness of ourselves as spanning the Universe, unlimited by time and space.
This allows us to live much more expanded lives, unbound by fear. It’s beautiful. Try it. Its going to become the new normal fairly soon anyway, so might as well get on board early. It is what we incarnated for.

If any of this resonates, please listen to the teleconference,
Aquamarine Fields: Atlantis Rising.

There will be an activation of circuitry, as I said, over the Solstice.

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