Re-weaving Naturalness

Last year I led a four and a half day event in London. Twenty five of us gathered to explore the theme “Finding the Self”.

I am becoming used to the play of these events. No script, no agenda. I walk into the event as empty as possible so as to allow the co-created field to lead the way. 

It’s scary at first. I like to have some idea of what I might be doing, which direction we might be moving in. Over the years, I have become used to losing any notes I might have made, or being told to “trust and listen”.

This time was no different. I was simply told that the bodies would bring what we needed to work with. And they did. Not just the physical bodies, but the non physical ones who turned up too.

One of those fields of energy was the Native American spectrum. They made a request, asking if they could take the floor, and act as representatives for all of the indigenous tribes on the planet that we had belonged to in other times. They wanted to conduct a simple, powerful ceremony to re-weave us, our bodies back into the naturalness we have forgotten. 

I was told to play a beautiful soundtrack of Native American chants, invite everyone to lie down on yoga matts and offer their bodies to the opportunity. 

I was included in the energy work. It was beautiful to be totally a part of the event, and also witnessing it. 

It’s difficult to describe accurately what I perceived. A field opened up around us all. Into that field, beings, forms emerged. Some quite distinct, others more fluid. Initially Native it was the Native American shamans and working with us and on us. As time moved on others joined the field, nature spirits, played and danced, adding their energy to the reweaving. The energy of the crystalline fields specifically wanted to to be included. Shamans from other traditions slso showed up, with their own particular set of frequencies. An important element was the Animal Kingdom Field, wanting us to remember our relatedness to all of life. 

The re-weaving that took place, by many different aspects of naturalness was truly beautiful to be a part of. The field of the earth herself underpins it all of course. For a long time she has been telling me that there is no separation any more between her body and ours.

It is not something new that is being spun, but a return to a field of grace that is available now. 

There is as always so much support for this from the non-physical realms. 

The Native American team that showed up at the in person event made it clear that they wanted to offer this experience. You can simply ask them to re-weave your body and field back into its deep relationship with nature. They are very happy to help.

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