The Architecture of The Fall

The other day I was sitting on the beach. Beautiful Autumn day, warm sunshine, no wind. The water sparkling and calm.
I became aware that there were really big flows of energy opening from the earth so I dropped in to pay more attention.
I watched these flows for a while, I became aware that the influxes of energy were opening my field more fully. I had the sense and feeling of a half open rose, and the rising energy of the earth along with the pure radiance of the sun, were opening it to a new, much more expansive experience of itself. 
It felt wonderful.

After maybe 10mins, I became aware of a heavy energy in my head. At first I though I was tired from the intensity, but quickly realised something else was going on. As soon as I began to pay attention to the density I felt and heard the words “The Architecture of The Fall is being released.”

With the words came an understanding, of the huge  multidimensional structures put in place to keep us locked in to a very dense experience of reality. 
I have watched these structures in various forms over the years. They are present in the earth as grid lines of energy that hold us in our place. 
What I was experiencing on the beach was literally architecture that anchored into my head, neck, throat, and ran down my spine. As I tuned into it, I felt depressed, overwhelmed, a bit hopeless. This feeling was very familiar. It seemed pointless to try and escape. I know the architecture affects how we think and perceive our life and our world. 
Fundamentally, it’s about “self worth”. It enforces the belief in separation and alone-ness. it encourages us to experience ourselves as what we have been taught we are rather than as the Universal Beings we actually are. 
 This patterning isn’t just in us, impacting us, it is totally surrounding the earth. As I watched, I know that these structures are ready to collapse. I only ever “see” what is ready to let go. This is true if I’m working with an individual or looking at a planetary structure.  

The scale of what we are involved in is immense. Quite breathtaking. This experiment in consciousness that is unfolding on Planet Earth has been going on for many thousand of years. It involves so many dimensions, so many intergalactic species, and such deep willingness on our part to undergo the intensity of deep separation from all that we actually are. 
There would have to be some pretty heavy duty pieces of energetic manipulation put in place in order to allow a whole planet of Infinite Beings to play the game of separation. 
As this “Architecture of Separation” dissolves, the reunification we will be experiencing is nothing short of totally life changing. I don’t think many of us have really begun to comprehend simply how incredible it is going to be. We truly exist inside and outside of the layers of separation. The vast version of us outside of the layers or veils, has been perpetually trying to maintain contact, give inspiration, guidance in whatever from it could. Everything from white feathers to mediumship, flickering electrics, apparitions and so much more have been used over many centuries to attempt to maintain and build connection. 
 The only thing that really works is the raising of vibration. The very gradual process of opening to ever higher dimensions. 
Now that process is happening at lightening speed.
The illusion of separation has been well woven, deftly crafted. 
We were the ones that created the structures. And so we get to be the ones to dissolve them. The part of us that exists beyond the veil is dissolving the structures so that reunification happens at a planetary level. Unity has, of course always been demonstrated by a few shinning examples. Now, we are about to experience it en masse. 
So, this dissolution of “The Architecture of The Fall”, is something we will look at on tomorrows teleconference, along with everything else we are working with. Its going to be a jam packed call.
We will hold space for this dissolution to occur, and it will. It’s time.
As always we will co-create a template during the call, which is in affect a crystallisation of the energetic impact of what we experience. This is offered to the wider collective to help speed and smooth the process for everyone. 
This dissolution will happen. Please don’t think you have to be on a teleconference with me or someone else. It is happening. It’s just that I get to see things a little ahead of the curve. And we get to work these things through as a group in a way that is very powerful, and becomes this offering to the collective in order to make things a little easier for everyone else.
By my estimation, the Architecture will have collapsed from around the planet by mid next year.  2020 is going to be very special.
Individuals still have the choice to keep those structures of separation active in their own field if they want. And many will. 
As I’m writing this, I realise that the Earth did this a couple of years ago when she release the trauma timelines and histories from her body. What I saw as class structures laid down in the planet is also a part of this. 
As above so below. 

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