Collapsing Systems of Corruption

Last night I sat channel surfing, not finding anything I wanted to watch. It seemed on British TV, where ever I looked there was a programme about massively corrupt financial dealings. The first I tuned into was about  a high flying fund manger, and how his dishonesty has cost thousands of regular people their pensions.

The second dealt with the Malaysian Prime Minister and some of his friends swindling billions of dollars of his own countries tax revenues in order to live a vey high life. The third piece of the puzzle was a documentary on billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his connection to the U.K.’s Prince Andrew.
As I watched I began to realise that I was being asked to engage energetically with the issue. So I sat and looked at the field of these events. 
These are planetary fields of corruption, surrounding the planet in a deathly embrace. They operate from the 4th dimension and have existed for thousands of years. It was possible to track through the field, layer by layer. On the surface, big finance. Everyone knows this is a messy game, but it’s entangled with glamour, greed, and illusion. I was very aware of how the glossy billionaire lifestyle is now promoted on the planet, but is deeply disconnected from the earth and most of its inhabitants, creating a layer of energy that is in effect ravaging the planet. 

Underneath that glossy surface of energy we were quickly immersed in fields of religion, government, organised crime, slavery, human trafficking, drug production and sale and more. All of the huge, money moving systems were woven together in an intricate web of energy, The Fields of Corruption.
I heard, “It’s time for these to collapse.”
“How?” I asked.
“Bring higher dimensional energy into these constructs and watch what happens.” So I did. I sat, in what I call my Universal Body, and looked at the fields around the planet. Then I dipped my hands into them. It’s no different than working on a human energy field, simply a matter of scale. Sure enough there was movement. Thick, turgid energy stated to dissipate.

As I was engaged in this, I realised that this is what we are ready to do as a collective. It isn’t appropriate for us to just sit back and wait for some cosmic alignment, and there are major ones  coming soon, to shift the balance of energies here. We have to participate too. We all participated in the co-creation of these fields, we have to be a part of their undoing. We do that by living with ever more integrity, demanding that our political and religious leaders do the same, honouring the planet and all life forms. It is also time for us to step up to the plate energetically.
We are Creator Beings. We are meant to be deciding how and what unfolds on this planet from positions of power. Not power over, but a deep acceptance that each of us is powerful beyond measure and can make difference, with our actions in the world, but, more immediately, in the energetic realms. 

Energy comes before matter. This is a fundamental fact. Its how shamans and healers effect change, by working in the energetic worlds shifting, clearing, balancing, transmuting. 
I know now, after some of the things I have experienced lately
(see video below), that this is what we are looking at over the course of the upcoming weekend.
Its very important to be in neutrality when dealing with these energies. Not pushing them away, not hating, judging and condemning them, but completely neutral. 

Over the course of this coming weekend intensive we will at first engage in some profound clearing work, then rest in Neutrality, really feeling into the depths of that beautiful energy. We will engage with some of the deeper dimensions of energy emerging from the earth now. This is the first time in thousands of years that these energies have been available to everyone. They are very potent, and will be deeply supporting in our work.
On the second day, we will integrate some of the higher dimensional energy into our fields, and then work at a planetary level, simply offering the higher frequencies to the destiny of the fields of corruption. 

We will of course be superbly aided and supported by huge teams of non physical friends who are very ready and willing to help in this time of amazing shift.

I’m skimming over details here in this newsletter, but what is becoming available to us is totally awesome. It is time for us to create the lives and planet we want to live in and on. We have every right to do this.
The earth showed me last week that she is ready to reclaim the playing field. Thousands of years ago she withdrew her most powerful energies deep into her core, so we could embark on the deep descent into density. Now, those energies surface again, and the portals into powerful dimensions of her creative force come back on line. 
Im aware that things are moving so quickly, and by the weekend there could be a whole load more information and energetic openings, but this is what is up now.
It’s important for us to be able to embody these energies, and work with them, allowing creation to flow and manifest through us for the highest good of  all life rather than just the few. 

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