The New World is Here

I’m always writing about things I have experienced, and what follows is no exception. I just want to clarify that these things are expressed totally from my perspective.
After many years of experience, I believe that I am something of an energetic translator. I see and experience things in other dimensions and then get to interpret and translate them, through my own beliefs and filters, for anyone else that chooses to read or listen to what I am offering. It’s my job it you like. Not one I consciously chose. I resisted like hell for a long time, but I do believe its what I am here to do. What I chose before incarnation.

There is a video below detailing some recent experiences. I hope you’ll take a look at it. What the experiences signify is the Death of Religion.
Thats a big statement, but really it died back on the December Solstice of 2012. That was the point when straightjacket of locked in, limiting beliefs of religions became officially null and void. There is no need for an external set of rules and regulations if what you are seeking is shouting to be let out from inside you. And it is.

I realising that, since the September Equinox, we are at the seed point of the new World. 
Heres why I’m thinking that.
Yesterday, Wednesday 16th October, I was meditating in a church. I don’t often step inside churches, but this one, for me is special. It’s St Brides church on Fleet St in London. 
It’s built on an ancient healing spring, dedicated, I believe to the Celtic goddess Bridget. Its been a place of worship for thousands of years, long before Christianity was even a twinkle in the eye of Creation. If you go down to the crypt and sit quiet, you will feel the  powerful presence of the Divine Feminine rising up from deep in the earth to meet you.
Over the years, I have had very lovely experiences in this place. I don’t spend time up stairs, but go straight down into the crypt. Here, I never feel the crushing energy of the christianity, just the rising, bubbling energy of the goddess.
Yesterday, I felt pulled here, and as I sat, I was drawn deep into the earth. Travelling through layers of energy, all of a sudden I stop. In front of me is a wax like seal over a large entrance. I am aware I am at a portal I have not travelled beyond before. As I gaze at the carved wax of the seal, It begins to melt. There was an unveiling taking place. I moved through what became a doorway, into another dimension. There I was greeted by a feminine figure who said, ” Follow me. Quickly, there’s not much time.”
We raced down tunnels, deeper and deeper, I was travelling as consciousness, without any type of body I could discern.
After what seemed like a very long journey, but probably only took a couple of minutes, we entered a vast cavern, that felt like the centre of the Earth. It was full of boiling, molten energy swirling and rolling. In the midst of this roiling turmoil, I could see the form af a young woman. She was meeting a dragon. It was a coming together, a union, without being overtly sexual. I felt I was witnessing something that happened very rarely.
The energy was intense. Thick and dense, viscous, like slow moving lava. 
I was in this place for maybe 30, or 40 minutes. In that state, I’m not analysing, questioning, or thinking much. Just experiencing. 
On leaving I start to wonder about what it is I was shown. 

Over a long period of our more recent history, tales and fables have told of princesses captured by dragons. They are rescued by Knights, who slay the dragon and marry the princess.
This points at the ascendency of the masculine energy, that has sealed us of from the primordial energies of creation. There was  no mistake that I witnessed this the bowels of a church, which has separated us, sealed us off from our deep connection with the earth. 
As I write that, I am also aware of my recent bowel cancer and it needing to be burnt out of my system.
I think what I was witnessing is a primordial energy that is perpetually in motion. Maybe the coming together of these forces, in the way I witnessed, is a relatively rare event, but the energies this constant churning creative force is always present. It has been sealed off in another dimension. we have been purposely disconnected from this energy, the energy of creation, for thousands of years. We had chosen a path of exploring deep density that involves disconnect. 
Now, all of these dimensions and forces are opening up for us. 
I feel that I was witnessing the dawn of the New Age. We are in the birth of the New World. 
The sudden, massive upswing in focus on environmental issues we are seeing is the beginning  of working in harmony with the planet. There will be many beautiful solutions and inventions  opening up in peoples awareness as this primordial energy of creation emerges into consciousness. It feels like everything is about to shift on its axis.
The New World is here. Dive deep into your connectedness with the earth and bathe in the frequencies emerging. It’s unstoppable. Like a vast volcano, flowing over everything before it. Flow with it. Don’t hold back or sit on the sidelines. 
I believe these energies will destroy what is ready to be destroyed on this planet, as much as they will create what is waiting to be birthed. 

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