The Gods of War

The shift leading up to and over the Equinox has been dramatic. There has been a true movement out of lower dimensions and frequencies, with worlds splitting and moving in different directions. It needs to be anchored and there is mopping up to do, but it has happened. 
One of the moping up exercises we can engage in is working with The Gods of War.

Everything works for us
This concept can be a difficult one to take on board fully, but it is the truth. If you accept that this is a benevolent universe, and that everything takes place within the field of benevolence, then even the “dark forces’ ultimately serve benevolence. And so it is is with The Gods of War. Our association with them over thousands of years has been to our benefit, with the deep learning of intense polarities. This is now coming to an end as many of us are ready to establish ourselves in fields of unity and oneness.
We chose to work within the influence of these beings as a powerful learning tool. To speed the process of exit for ourselves and the wider collective engaged in this movement, it can be really useful to acknowledge the service of these great beings, and also acknowledge deeply that we are moving on.
They, The Gods of war, are on board with this. They are part of the game, the polarised field that we have been learning within. Now, we are graduating, and letting go of the energies and fields we used to play with. 
There are many layers to this, and I’ll write more over the coming days, but this really is a time of celebration. 
As I write this I have the experience of a host of beings surrounding me, as I walk out of their field. It really is a graduation ceremony.

I believe it’s an important marker in the extrodinary movement we are making. In order for us to establish ourselves in new and higher frequency states, we need to clear out the implanted contacts and contracts with this host of beings from many times, cultures and continents.

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